DAY 1 Part 1 - Traveling, Checking In, and Trekking into the Rainforest

We woke up on Day 1 - Monday, October 12th, at 4am after 1 1/2hrs sleep. We had stayed up late doing all of that last minute stuff that you think you'll have plenty of time to do, but somehow ends up more complicated and time consuming - lol

We made it to airport by 5:30am for 7am flight - check-in was easy with no lines. When we got to the gate we found out the flight had been delayed by 30 minutes due to icing on the wings trying to leave their first hop. I was trying to keep focused but was very tired and was developing a cough.

We took off for LAX around 7:30am with a flight time of just under 2hrs. But about an hour in we had an in-flight medical emergency. A 24 year old guy passed out and was unresponsive. A call went out for medical professionals and a nurse sitting a couple of rows behind us volunteered. She worked with him while we diverted to SAC.

It was a fast decent but the pilots did good. The paramedics were waiting when we landed and took him off pretty quickly, but we still ended up being grounded for about 1 1/2 hours due to the paperwork. We were back in air just before 10am and landed at LAX around 11am.

It was an easy trip to baggage claim and the on to the "green island" to wait for our bus. Of course Bean managed to find an animal friend

Roxy and I had to wear our pirate hats on the flight since they couldn't keep their shape if we tried to pack them. And I can tell you we got some looks here and there. Here's a shot of Pumpkin Girl giving me a "look" of her own while wearing Roxy's

It was only a 20 min wait for the Magic Express bus and the fam kept busy with a spirited game of "patty-cake" - lol

And then came our magical chariot!

Bean wanted to sit up front behind the driver, so I sat up there too. He was a nice guy and we had a good conversation. Unfortunately my throat was starting to get worse. But I perked up when my eye caught this!

And then were were on the grounds:

We made a quick stop at the Grand Californian:

Then back on the road

Thar she blows!


We got ourselves together and picked up our bags, tipped our driver and we on our way in.

On to check-in with no line at all - whoohoo!

We were given a free upgrade to a premium pool/park view in Wonder tower - Double WhooHoo!!!!!!

Here was the view from our room (for the full panorama go to the main trip page)

We drank the view in and then dumped stuff and headed out for lunch at Rainforest Cafe. On the way Bean stopped in to the phone booth

And the pool

Then a tree ate Kris

Bean and Kris wanted to drive the boats but we were hungry and called them away

Off to DTD and Rainforest!

The snake attacked Kris (sensing a theme here?)

We sat down and look - a shot of Roxy and I :-]

Kris and Bean took the camera around while we waited for our food

We had a great lunch. Kris had salmon, I had Rasta Pasta, Roxy had quesadillas, Gillian had chicken tenders, and Kyra had clam chowder and a kids pasta.

Here's some pics from on the way out of Rainforest

When we left Kyra was asked to be a demo subject for a color profile at the sketch booth. The artist did a great job and Kyra bought for $10 (usually over twice that).

While we were waiting Bean got caught up in a musical groove

We walked through stores and stopped into The World of Disney

While there we picked up our AAA lanyards, we didn't care for the logos, but they were good lanyards. And it did come with a cool Disneyland pin.

From there it was OFF TO DISNEYLAND!!!!