Day 1 Part 2 - Disneyland Hoooo!!!

We walked on from WoD and caught our fist sight of the gates!

I looked up and saw the Steam Train on the platform. This was going to be the only day the train would be running so I told the fam it would be our first ride.

I had the fam gather under the Disney Character Pumpkins at the Exit gates

Then Kris took a close-up of us

And on we went through the entrance, glancing over one more time at the character pumpkins

Then it was through the tunnel and on to Main Street USA!

There was another train there so we headed straight up the stairs and had a seat. I looked over my shoulder and caught a shot of the Orange Monorail Train zipping by beyond the entrance gates

Then we were on our way down the tracks, sighting the Mardi Gras art

Then on to New Orleans Square Station

On we went into Splash Mountain, where I caught a shot of the River Boat scene

Then past the entrance to Splash Mountain

Then the shack across the Rivers of America

Saw the deer and elk and then the Indian Chief

We pulled into Toontown Station and I snapped a shot of the water tower

Off we went again and passed IaSW, catching a shot of the topiaries

On to the dioramas! First the Grand Canyon

Then the Dinosaurs

We finished the loop and went on to New Orleans Square, this time getting off. It was early afternoon so all of the lines were pretty long. We decided to brave HM. The theming was fantastic, right from the entrance gate:

Jack was in fine form

Here's a shot of the Mansion itself and the walk up

Loved the pet cemetery

Bean gave me a grin while Kris ...well, Kris acted like Kris

Kyra was busy reading all of the tombstones

The cat one was cute

I've seen pumpkin patches, but the jack-o-lantern patch was much cooler

The wreaths were great

We made it inside ahead of the 45 minute wait, so that was cool. The lobby was neat and the stretching room was VERY COOL. Unfortunately none of my pics from there turned out :-[ From there we walked past the transitioning pictures:

We jumped on our cars next to a cool pile of presents with good ole Oogie Boogie lighting our way

It wasn't easy to capture things inside the ride, but the jack-o-lantern mountain came out pretty cool

And ole Ooogie Boogie finished the show

Outside HM the Columbia had pulled into its dock and they were taking down the flag.

Caught a group canoeing around the river

And then it was time for a crowd favorite - PoTC!!!

More on it and our further adventures on the next page