Day 1 Part 3 - Avast and Into the Disney Night

Well after the long wait for HM we were surprised that the wait for PoTC was only 10 minutes - score! As we were strolling in I caught a pic of the Dream Suite. Man, I'd love to be able to stay there some time :-D

I grabbed a shot of the rededication plaque

And then we headed up the walk and I snapped a pic of the bridge leading into Tarzan's Treehouse

We wound past the Dream Suite elevator entrance and back towards the entrance and Roxy thought she saw someone "famous" but wasn't sure.

We wound back and sure enough, it was a Food Network celeb, Reva and her hubby Mike from Merci Beaucoup Cakes on the Amazing Wedding Cakes show. Roxy was jazzed and shook their hands. We kept going and she was feeling bad that they didn't get a pic with them. I said it was fine to stop and wait for them, so we pulled over just inside the entrance and "pounced" when they came by:

They were very good sports about it and even gave the girls "I Met Reva" buttons - lol They got on a different boat and we went our separate ways (or so we thought) ;-]

Pirates was fun as usual and I always enjoy DL's version more because of the two drops it makes at the beginning.

After we finished there we strolled through some of the gift shops and Roxy ran into Reva again. After that it was bathroom break time and Roxy ran into Reva one more time in there - lol. She was really feeling self-conscious at this point and thought that Reva may think she was stalking her ;-]

We turned back into Adventureland and saw that the Indiana Jones stand-by was almost an hour. Roxy picked up FPs for later in the evening and we hopped on the Jungle Cruise after only a 10 minute wait. Standard fun stuff on the cruise but sorry, no pics. By this time of the evening I was really starting to feel sick and was just exhausted so I mostly forgot I even had the camera :-[

After the Jungle Cruise the kids walked through Tarzan's Treehouse. I wanted to but was just too tired and was ready to have an encounter with a Dole Whip to soothe my throat. By the time the kids came down you could tell that the long day was getting to them too - lots of bickering between them.

We made a beeline to the Dole Whip stand and got some other food for the kids at the stand next to the Jungle Cruise. Kris was impatient and wanted to go do rides by himself and I said no, he needed to stay with us. Not two minutes later Roxy walked up from a food stand and he asked her if he could go ride IJ on stand-by while we did the Tiki Room. It ticked me off but I was too tired to say anything, so Roxy gave the go-ahead (she didn't know I had already said "no").

While waiting for the Tiki Room to start Roxy asked what was wrong and I filled her in, she was very unhappy that Kris had played her and tried to call Kris. He was already inside IJ and had no cell reception so she ended up leaving to go find him while I took the girls into the Tiki Room. I slumped in a back corner and managed to capture a couple of shots:

I tried calling Roxy when it was over, but she was inside Indiana Jones by that time so I just got voicemail. I let the girls browse the shops across from the exit of the Tiki Room and they bought a couple of pins.

After we were finished in there the kids made a pit stop and Roxy and Kris showed back up. It turned out that Indiana Jones had broken down so Kris had just been stuck in line. Roxy talked to him about the whole scenario and he apologized for asking her after me saying "no" and we called it good. While Roxy and him were talking I took a few shots of the entrance to Adventureland. The slow shudder makes some of the guests look like ghosts

We gathered ourselves together and headed for the Matterhorn. The wait was 20 minutes but it seemed to go faster. Here's a shot of the riders coming in to unload:

We all rode on the right side and they wanted to jump back on and do the left side. I was too wiped out so I wandered around a bit taking pics while they rode. Caught the teacups at night

And the Matterhorn:

It's a Small World

And a couple of shots of one of the Nemo subs entering the waterfall

And looking across the lagoon

I met back up with the fam - they had a blast doing the left side and said it was more fun. We decided we were done for the night and headed for the monorail station. As we were walking I caught a shot of the pipeline that commemorates the opening of the monorail in 1959

Up the walkway we went and while we waited I took a shot of Tomorrowland:

Then came our monorail

We had good luck and managed to get the front car. I took a couple of shots of the fam as we rode.

We got up to the room just before the fireworks. I took a shot of DTD and the park beyond

I took a BUNCH of shots of the fireworks, but I was so sick and shaky only a couple turned out

We realized that we hadn't eaten since lunch at Rainforest, so we ordered in room service and grabbed showers and hit the sack. I was feeling pretty miserable by then and Roxy gave me some cold meds and a Tylenol PM. We were all out pretty quickly.

That's it for day 1 ...4 more days of fun to go!!!