Day 2 Part 1 - While I Was Sleeping and Lots of Character Fun!

Day 2 dawned cloudy but the rain was staying away for the moment. I woke up feeling pretty horrible, but started coughing and couldn't sleep anymore. I got up around 9am and grabbed a shower. While I was getting dressed Bean woke up and we both went in search of food.

We decided to make our way to the McDonalds just outside the park for breakfast. Bean was full of energy - dancing down the hall

I decided to head out the doors by the elevators in the Wonder tower, thinking I could take a shortcut to DTD. Unfortunately they were doing some construction and had some of the paths blocked off. So we ended up circling back around the front of the tower. We did stumble across a cute campfire scene, which Bean jumped in on:

We made it to DTD and stopped at the fountain next to the House of Blues. We waited for a while for it to start shooting off but it didn't. We agreed it was a pretty lame fountain ..or at least not very cooperative ;-]

We made it to McDonalds literally right when they were changing the signs from breakfast to lunch ...grrrr. So we ordered some lunch and sat down to eat it. I had a large OJ, which helped my throat. Can't remember what I ate, but Bean had a chicken nugget meal.

When we finished eating we ordered food for the rest of the fam and started walking back. Just inside the security checkpoint I put down the bags to readjust everything and snapped a quick pic of Bean

We then walked to the circle between the parks and I snapped another pic

I grabbed one more shot of her in front of the fountain near World of Disney

We shuffled the rest of the way back and gave the rest of the fam their food. I took some more medicine and crawled into bed. Here's the one and only shot of me for the day:

The rest of the fam ate and got dressed for a day at CA. They headed down and through DTD, Bean and Kris full of it right off the bat

They made it through the gates just before 1:30pm

A CM was collecting info on where they were from

The candy corn theming was very cool on the bridge

A photopass CM was nice enough to take a pic with our camera

They made it in just as Heimlich was ending his spiel

They checked out candy corn acres

They decided to head down towards ToT and made their first stop at Muppet Vision

After that they hit Monsters, Inc. They had a lot of fun with the theming in the ride line

They continue on their journey through the Monsters, Inc. line

Roxy caught one shot from the ride

Back outside they ran into Frozone!

From there it was on to one of Bean's favorites - Tower of Terror!!! They got to ride it 3 times in a row - straight on and again and again without having to go out because of the lack of lines - whoohoo!!! Their last time through the even got their own elevator :-]

They came back out and ran right into Lilo and Stitch.. Lilo said 'hi' to Bean

And then Stitch stole the show, running around like the mad little critter that he is. First he tried to bug Frozone

Then he was running circles with Bean and other kids right on his tail

Bean was fast and finally "caught" him :-D

He 'got away' from her and went for Kyra (I think the hat attracted him)

Both girls were laughing so hard at his antics

Then Lilo swooped back in, and not wanting to be upstaged started signing one of the girl's autograph books upside down!

Bean was protesting that she was doing it wrong, but Lilo was saying that she was smart and sure enough, she had written her name upside down so when you flipped it over it was the right way - lol

She signed the other book and she had been so good that you couldn't tell which one was signed upside down and which one right side up.

Then it was picture time!

From there they saw Dopey and got some pics

The character fun continued, as down the street was Pocahontas

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