Day 2 Part 2 - Some Exploring followed by Parade, Pier, and Pyrotechnics!

They did some exploring after that and Roxy caught a fantastic pic of the kids looking at the Toy Story Zoetrope

Kris tried to grab the rose

They headed back towards the entrance and caught the Parade - go JackJack!

The rest of the Incredibles had already moved on

Next came the Finding Nemo crew

After that A Bug's Life took the stage

The Toy Story Crew was up next - the Army Men are a kick

The Buzz-ettes were very cute

Hey Slink!

Last up was Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars

After the parade they made their way down to Paradise Pier

Roxy had been texting me off and on throughout the day, keeping me updated on their adventures - she rocks :-]

She grabbed a shot of Mickey's Fun Wheel

And then it was off to Cali Screamin'

By now it was 5:30pm and starting to get a bit more gloomy. There had been little sprinkles of rain here and there, but nothing drastic. Roxy took a shot of ToT

At about that time I finally woke up enough to get out of bed and get online to place the Vons order I had meant to do the day before. I got it all ordered and set a delivery time between 1-3pm the next day.

Meanwhile the fam had strolled up to a picture spot near Grizzly

By now CA was closing and they made their way out. Roxy called and told be they were going to grab some dinner somewhere in DTD. I said okay and ordered myself a chicken sandwitch from room service.

They stopped in to World of Disney

And then made their way down to Wetzel's Pretzels and had pretzels and hot dogs and smoothies for dinner.

Then it was back to DLH, where they stopped to goof around under the hat

They stopped by the pool and Roxy caught a great shot of the pirate ship

The kids wanted to swim and went down after changing, but were bummed that they didn't make it in time to enjoy the water slide. They still had a good time swimming and sitting in the hot tub.

They came back up in time for the start of the fireworks show. This time my hand was a bit more steady for catching the pyrotechnics ;-]

After the fireworks it was showers for Roxy and the kids and a long soak for me in the tub to help soothe my throat and clear my sinuses. Fun stuff I know. We all made it to bed somewhere between 10-11pm.

Tomorrow brings us back to Disneyland and Toontown Morning Madness!