Day 3 Part 1 - Early Entry to Toontown

Okay, so I had slept basically all day on Tuesday and felt almost human (with the help of an extra hot shower and a dose of Dayquil). We had another Disneyland day lined up with Toontown Morning Madness vouchers.

We had planned to get ourselves together and walk to McDonalds ...for breakfast this time ...heheh. Since Roxy doesn't do breakfast usually and had done the long day with the kids the day before, she chose to get a little more sleep. So the kids and I got a move on and made the "big walk" through DTD and out of the park to the Mickey D's.

Breakfast was okay and a large OJ did wonders for my throat. Still I was not quite up to par so I handed the camera to Kris as we made our way into the park. Here's me and Bean as we made our way through security

We made our way in pretty quickly and were soon rolling past the big Mickey Pumpkin.

The kids still weren't interested in getting their picture taken and we were getting close to opening time in Toontown so we strolled on (Bean will LOVE me for posting the "duh" look she has going, but oh well ...hehehe)

Bean wanted to try and pull the sword from the anvil so we strolled through the castle and on to it. Bean went first

Then Pumpkin Girl

And Kris gave it his best too

We got back on track and walked past IaSW

And then we were up to the gates, handing over our vouchers, and in to Toontown. Everyone was already gathering over in front of City Hall so we found a pretty good spot and waited. It was kind of nice having Kris doing the camera work because we got three whole pictures of me in the parks before he handed it back!

Soon enough it was time to start the show. Here they came!

I'm sure the CM on the left is a really nice guy, but he kinda creeped me out - lol

The emcee CM came out and got things rolling

He said his spiel and introduced Mickey

Mickey couldn't remember where his speech was

Then Goofy came up with it

Mickey started reading...

...a grocery list LOL   The CM looks it over to verify

Oh noooo!

So Mickey decided to wing it

Great speech and then he introduced the Toontown Honorary Family

There they are - happy happy

After that they wrapped it up and handed out our Toontown Citizens buttons and scavenger hunt info and we were on our way ...straight into the gift shop because it has started to rain harder than just a drizzle.

We then started making the rounds. First stop - JAIL!

Pumpkin Girl proved how strong she was

Kris was just taking it all in

Ye ole Roger Rabbit fountain

And on into Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin! Toontown street under construction

Baby Huey and his stogie


Jessica's dressing room

Kyra and I jumped in one car and Kris and Bean got in the other.

Watch out Roger!

Kris and Bean were having fun

The Doctor's mad experiments

Hang on Roger!


Still trying to figure how the hanging pink elephant fit in with the whole thing

Darn those weasels!

Thanks Roger ;-]

Kris took a quick rest

Bean and Pumpkin Girl had to give it a try too

We strolled back up towards the houses and they took turns sitting in Mickey's car

What do you wish for?

The line was long to go into Minnie's house and non-existent for Mickey's. I said I would wait in the line for Minnie's while they went through Mickey's house. But little did they know that Mickey was waiting for them somewhere back in there ...hehehe.

Well we left off with Pumpkin Girl, Bean, and Kris walking through Mickey's house. Here are some of the shots they captured on their way through:

Pluto's Dog Door

Happy Radio

Any messages for me?

Kris and bean jammed on the piano

Bean warms herself by the fire

Kyra takes a seat

Bean snuggles into Pluto's dog bed

Mickey's cleaning supplies

A note from Mickey

Out into the "yard" we find Pluto's doghouse

Bean hugging a birthday cake and looking distracted


Painting in progress

Bean on a crazy pipe organ

Cartoons while you wait

Bean makes it to Mickey, who plays Peek-a-Boo with the camera. I swear, she brings out the silliness with the characters

Pumpkin Girl's turn with Mickey

While they were inside I got a call from Roxy saying she was in the park and heading our way. The kids were still in Mickey's when Roxy showed up, so the two of us were just hanging out in Mickey's house when Pluto and Goofy came strolling in!

We texted the kids to let them know and then Roxy took a shot of me with Goofy

Then the kids caught up with us so it was their turn

Then it was on around the corner to Pluto!

Bean was first up

That's it for this installment - I'll pick up with more fun on the next page :D