Day 3 Part 2 - What, You Want MORE Toontown?!?

Okay, back to fun with Pluto!!!

Bean got her autograph book signed and they struck a pose

Then it was Pumpkin Girl's turn

Then Pluto got distracted by the TV ...hehehe

Kris got his attention for a quick shot

We already had the Mickey pics so we backtracked out the front (luckily it wasn't very crowded) and started exploring. Roxy got in line for Minnie, Kris and Bean headed for Donald's boat, and Kyra and I just kind of looked around.

We made the central fountain make honking noises, then Kyra tried the phone

Kris and Bean were still wandering through the boat and made it to the rail

I took a shot of the Toontown logo behind Mickey's and did some more wandering

By this time the girls worked their way over to Roxy and they made their way in to see Minnie

Then it was time to explore Minnie's house - make up time!

Is the cake done?

Time to do the dishes

I think someone needs to do some defrosting

NOW the cake is done!

It is a cosy kitchen for sure

Time for tea

Back to the wishing well ...this time without the rain ponchos image

By this time Kris and I had gotten our fill of Toontown so we set out for Fantasyland. The girls wanted to explore some more of Toontown so Roxy stayed with them.

Bean really loved the firehouse dalmation that popped out of the window and barked at her

The girls found the plunger for the fireworks factory


I'll end this one with that "bang"