Day 3 Part 3 - Toontown, And Beyond!

While the girls were having fun in Toontown, Kris and I headed down into Fantasyland. There was no line for Pinocchio, so we jumped on board. After that my throat was starting to feel pretty raw and I didn't want to put another lozenge in so we made a beeline for the Dole Whip stand where I picked up a pineapple juice and Kris had a float. From there we wandered through shops towards Adventureland with the Shooting Gallery as our goal.

Meanwhile the ladies decided to take another ride on Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin. They got some cool shots that I had missed. Is that Jessica?

Don't knock in that door - a monster will answer!

Oh, no - the weasels!

There they go with the Dip

Girls spinning

There's Jessica, what a looker!

And seeing the text already in the background I couldn't help but do a little photoshop manip on the lettering for the benefit of Pumpkin Girl ...heheheh

Love this shot of the girls hats poking over the back of the car

And a parting shot by the weasel

They left Toontown and took a quick shot near the Matterhorn

By then Kris and I had had finished at the shooting gallery ...I was happy to see me ole military marksman skills were still there and hit everything except the train that goes by in the very back.

We met up with the ladies by the Matterhorn and Kris and I kicked back on a bench while they rode the left side. From there we went to Tomorrowland. We were contemplating Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy when my alarm went off on my phone, telling me it was time to head back to the hotel to meet the Vons deliver guy with our food.

So I hit the monorail and zipped back to the hotel. The rest of the fam hit Space Mountain

They really enjoyed the Halloween special effects but Roxy said that riding it once was enough for her. They then moved on to Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, which was campy fun as usual.

After that it was a trip onto Buzz Blasters.

Another fun time and when they got off Roxy got the call from me that the food was in and it was time for lunch!

They hopped onto the monorail for the trip back to DTD

I was waiting on the balcony when they were walking up and Roxy got a shot of me waving from up on the 11th floor

We had a nice lunch and just kicked back for a bit. Roxy was feeling worse so she decided to lay down for an afternoon nap. I was fed, and as rested as I was going to get, so I popped a fresh dose of Dayquil in me so I told the kids I'd take them back to the park.