Day 3 Part 4 - Back to the Park Then On To Goofy's Kitchen!

Okay, when we left off we had all had a good lunch and I was ready to take over for Roxy and go back to the park while she got some rest. She had been watching out for us though and had picked up FPs for SMGG!!!

We gathered up and headed in, making a beeline from the monorail station to Space Mountain

It was a fun ride and I'm glad it did it, lots of cool effects in there. Here's a shot of us on our ride

From there I wanted to take a trip on Buzz Blasters and the wait was only 10 minutes, so on we went. After that we split up, with Pumpkin Girl and Kris taking a ride on Star Tours and Bean and I heading for the Astro Orbiter.

The line took longer for Astro, so Kris and Kyra came out and she joined us on the line and Kris took over the camera. He got some fun pics of us while we were waiting :-]

Then it was on to the ride - wheee!

By the time we finished I looked at the time and saw that it was getting close to our next bit of fun - Goofy's Kitchen!!!

We did a bit of shopping in the gift shop at the exit of Buzz and then back to the monorail station we went. Kris took a couple of quick shots as we were walking up the ramp.

Then it was on the monorail again

He got a pretty good shot of ToT from the monorail as we went by it

and then we were strolling through DTD on our way to Goofy's.

I had called Roxy when we were getting ready to leave DL so she was in the room getting ready and would join us at the reception desk at Goofy's.

We strolled under the hat

We walked across the DLH grounds and past a couple of the topiaries on our way to the entrance

We checked in and met up with Roxy and then had a seat while we waited for our name to be called. Kris was still taking pictures but had the "no flash" setting on, causing a couple of trippy pictures to come out

I helped him with the settings and he took another couple of shots of us. First Bean snuggling into Roxy's lap

Then Pumpkin Girl and I

And then Bean livened up

Kris then took the camera and got some shots of the cool umbrella-style light fixtures in the ceiling of the entranceway

And then a shot of the castle mosaic underneath them

Then our name was called and in we went. First stop - a quick family pic with Minnie!

Then it was off to our seats. We had a good table with a view of the area in front of the food where the characters congregate. Soon enough Goofy was out there needing help to bake a cake. Of course the girls were up and ready to help ;-D

Bean got a can to help add ingredients

Pocahontas came up to lend a hand

Bean helped clean

And "bing!" we had a cake!

We headed back to our table and were soon greeted by Sleeping Beauty

And then came Pluto - what a lively pup!

He really loved Pumpkin Girl's hat …hehehe

Our Pumpkin Girl retrieved her head from her hat, giggling all the way

Then Kris jumped in - Pluto is a fav of his

Then Kris sicced him on me - lol :-D

In bounded Goofy and made a beeline for Kyra's hat too!

He rolled on to Bean ...dontcha just love the beaming look in her eyes

Kris's turn!

Then Pluto AND Goofy were back up front for a dance - wheeee!

I got Pumpkin Girl's attention, but she was playing "the teen", so was not amused ;-]

Then Bean got a dance with Goofy - whoohoo!!!!

Back to our table and a visit from Dale

...and there goes the hat again - lolol

She kept focused and got her autograph book

...and there it goes again :-D

Quick pose

And hello Kris

Bean had to go to the bathroom but had been waiting for Chip, but he kept getting close and then turning off again. She finally went with Roxy escorting her and of course Chip showed up!

I had called Roxy and let her know he was there and we stalled as well as we could, but Chip had to move on :-[  Bean came back and Chip was rotating to tables behind us and we waved to him and pointed at Bean. For a minute there he started to head the other way, but then came up to her

That was the end of our Goofy's Kitchen evening. Kris had the camera again and took a couple of interesting pics of the hat

And of a band playing outside ESPN

We all headed up to the room and were showered, changed, and in bed by 10am. Tomorrow was going to be a long one with park hopping and Mickey's Trick or Treat Party ....wheeeee!