Day 4 Part 1 - Early Risers Hit Fantasyland

Day 4 dawned early for the kids and I. We had gotten to sleep at a decent hour and I had slept pretty well, as had the kids. Unfortunately Roxy was on a down turn and it was going to be her day to hibernate :-[

So the kids and I ate breakfast in the room as quietly as we could and then headed out the door with Kris taking pics. He caught a shot of my scruffy mug

Then our Beanie Girl

He took a pic of a Tomorrowland portrait hanging in the elevator lobby on our floor

Bean did some more of her patented dance moves while we waited for an elevator

We strolled through DTD and security and got a decent place in line for the 8am opening. Our plan today was to hit all of the "classics". Bean wanted to try the sword again, so Kris took pics of her while Kyra and I got in line for Peter Pan.

While we were waiting we had two cool little encounters. First was running into Noreen (Husker Mickey) and her Hubby. I had made a custom LGMH for her and I happened to be wearing my LGMH custom T from out trip to WDW the previous year :-] It was the only DISer I ran into the whole trip but I was glad to have met her - yay! I unfortunately didn't have the camera or I would have grabbed a pic of us together.

Kris and Bean joined us and we continued winding through the line. Bean was being cute

And I was hanging in there with cold meds on board and a water to sip on

We came around a bend and there was a young couple in the next isle and the young lady complimented me on one of my pins, a Donald Duck on a snow sled. She said she has several in that series, but not that one. She was really bashful and I asked her if she wanted it.

She started beaming and said "really? all i have is this one to trade" and showed me a Mickey and the Beanstalk pin. I said "sure" and we made the trade. We wound back through another loop and came past them again and she was so happy and thanked me again - yay for those little Disney moments!

We jumped on the ride after that, I think I rode with Pumpkin Girl. Only one shot came out from the ride, one of Wendy and the boys

We rolled straight on to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride after that (sorry to all you east coaster's who don't get a chance at this classic). It was a fun one - Bean and I rode it together.

From there it was on to Pinocchio! Kris went to work capturing as much of the ride as he could.

Working for Stromboli

I think he wasn't completely truthful

Hi Jiminy!!!!

The boys are having a good time

Lots to do and see on Pleasure Island

Anyone hungry?

Foulfellow and Gideon taking part in the fun

Oh No!!!!

Poor misguided youth

Look out, its MONSTRO!!!!

Gipetto looking for Pinocchio

Jiminy makes another appearance

When you wish upon a star

Home again (Blue Fairy was unfortunately drowned out by the flash)

There she is!

We got off and cruised right into Snow White's Scary Adventure.

Recipe for the Poison Apple outside

...and inside


7 Dwarves cottage

Pie smells good


Is anyone home?

Here comes bad news

Just hitch that to my car, okay?

More sparkly stuff

even more

Bad buzzards

Casting her evil spell

Bubble Bubble, toil and trouble

The evil results

May I come in?

Dopey isn't certain about this plan

...but Doc is

We finished the adventure and bean insisted we take a picture of the raven at the exit platform. It had to be hurried because the CM needed us out of the way for the next set of riders to be able to get off.

From there we went around the corner to Alice in Wonderland. We were happy to be able to ride this one specifically because it was closed when we were last here in 2005. It was the longest wait we had in Fantasyland, about 15 minutes. The rest of the rides were 5 to 10 minutes at most - whoohoo!

The door welcomes us

Its Tweedle Dee!

Dee and Dumb

Yes, you got it - he's late ;-]

Little butterfly

Singing rose

Cute rocking horse


There's that huka-smoking catepillar


Cheshire cat having some fun

Hear those horns

Stop! .......Hammertime!

Bush maze mural

Painting the roses

Marching in circles

Oh my!

OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We came out and Kris caught a quick shot of the Matterhorn

Which way now?

Cheshire's smiling face says goodbye to us

More fun to come as we move on to Adventureland!