Day 4 Part 2 - Haunted Fun That Ends With A Splash!______________________________________________________________________________________

By now it was just about time for Adventureland to open and we wanted to take a ride with Indiana Jones, so we rolled out of Fantasyland with Kris snapping pics as we did the Disneyland Fastwalk

The line was already stretching back for IJ, so I stopped in and grabbed FPs for a bit later in the day. We kept walking and saw that there was no wait for PoTC, so we jumped on it - yeehaww! Sorry no pics from that - just too dark in there. I do have to throw in the obligatory gloat that we have the two "drops" on Pirates and still wonder why they didn't build it into WDW's pirates.

After that we headed towards Jack's Haunted Mansion and on the way saw Ooogie Boogie hard at work

The line wasn't bad, the side route going past the pet cemetary wasn't even open yet. Kris took a shot of the carriage as we waited.

Notice Pumpkin Girl with her camera in that pic? I've been trying to get her to download her pics so I could add them to the fun, but she's being a little procrastinator. I think I'll be taking matters into my own hands this weekend and do it for her image

Tic toc

Kris gave the camera to Kyra and she caught a great pic of me coughing - lol

I gave her a "look" for that one

She got a shot of Kris and I in the foyer of the mansion

Then she took a shot of the Skellington garland inside

We went into the "Stretching Room" and got a visit from Jack (great capture by Pumpkin Girl!!!)

Oogie Boogie said hello

The camera was still set on manual settings with no flash, so most of the pics that Pumpkin Girl tried for turned out reeaaaaalllyyyy blurry. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

I love this one of Jack :-D

I like this one of Oogie - looks like he's jumping into the frame :-]

We walked out of there and went straight into the line for Splash Mountain. Standby was only a few minutes wait and soon we were arranging ourselves and making sure the camera was protected.

PumpkinGirl was in front with Bean behind her, then me with the camera and Kris behind me. We set out on our journey and I caught a bit of the Columbia through the trees

I just missed catching a shot of some other adventurers going down the big drop

I spotted a bird house and some old mill gears

Vegis galore!

Who's house is that?

Here comes Slippin Falls - whoohoo!

Then we were inside and were greeted by a happy snowman-style jack-o-lantern and some feathered friends

That bird looks distracted

And that sure is a dangerous place for a frog to be!

On we went into the world of Brer Rabbit and his friends. Next up was a fishin' bird

Some drinkin' birds

And a jammin' bird

Brer Bear was having some difficulties

Not sure what Brer Fox was up to here

Here comes Rabbit and Turtle

Aren't they cute?

Brer Rabbit heading down the railroad track

Brer Bear really wanted that honey!

A crooning bird

Fox having fun

Patriotic Birds

A whole passel of singers


They're sad for him

Here comes the river boat!

Brer Fox might end up being someone's dinner there

Bye river boat!

And ole Brer Rabbit came out okay

Before we took the plunge I made sure to tell Bean to lean one way while I leaned the other. Unfortunately I forgot to tell Kris to lean left too so he was swallowed by my hat :-[

We made it out pretty well with minimal soakage and the camera stayed nice and dry. When we came out I saw that it was time to use those FPs for Indiana Jones!!!!