Day 4 Part 3 - "Jonsing" For An Adventure …a Cali Adventure!

We high-tailed it from the Splash Mountain exit back to the FP entrance for Indiana Jones. Pumpkin Girl took the lead

They took turns jockeying for position as we wound our way into the tomb

There were some intricate carvings to be found

These adventurers didn't fare so well

Listen to the signs or *ffzzzzzzppppppttttt* "aaaahhhhhh!!!!"

Lots of gear left over from the last expedition

Why the blindfold?

We got on the ride and had a great time being bounced through the adventure. No pictures attempted in that dark jostling mess ;-]

It was a bit before opening time for CA so we headed out of Disneyland and rolled over to California Adventure. I wanted to hit TSM before it got too busy, so we made a beeline for Paradise Pier.

Unfortunately a lot of others had that same idea so we ended up getting there in time for a 45 minute wait. I sent Kris over to Cali Screamin' with our tickets so he could get FPs for it. When he came back he was out of breath but happy

Soon we were in front of Mister Potato Head, who was very entertaining

He did the ear gag

We wound around for a while and Bean decided she was tired ;-]

But the line moved just fast enough so she couldn't properly rest, but at least Pumpkin Girl was keeping a better attitude

Kris was bored and tried to pick on Pumpkin Girl ....his mistake

Bean's attitude improved

And soon enough we were in sight of the ride vehicles

We read some of the marquees

The ride was a real blast, worth the wait ...but not twice in one day. I took a quick shot of the antique living room on the way out.

We still had some time to kill before our FPs kicked in, so we grabbed some churros and waters and got in line for Mickey's Fun Wheel. We of course got on a moving one. Bean was talkative as Pumpkin Girl was taking it all in

Kris was having a good time

The wheel kept on turning and we got a shot of the screamers screaming by

Got a really good view of all of the plumbing from way up there

And a nice shot of ToT

And Mickey smiled down on us

By the time we got off our FPs for Cali Screamin' were up so we zoomed our way over there and took a ride. It was my first time on it and it was quite a blast. Very fast coaster for sure and it was a great sunny day for it, and I liked the music. Still like RockinRollerCoaster better though ;-]

Mickey smiled at us as we left Paradise Pier

We strolled around Grizzly Mountain and decided to stop in and see It's Tough To Be A Bug. On the way down I said 'hi' to one of my favorite villians :-D

It was a fun show as usual and Kris hadn't remembered it from when he was a kid so the effects caught him off guard pretty well ...hehehe. After that we headed for the mountain!

Heading there I snapped a pic of the map of the "new" CA.

The old mill

...and the obligatory shot of the mill and the mountain

I was running really low on energy and the sun was really getting to me. So I bowed out of making the run myself. I took a couple of pics while I waited to see them come around.

A little bluegrass group struck up a chord across from the Grizzly giftshop.

They were a lot of fun and got some park guests into the group. I kept looking over the edge next to the gift shop and finally saw the kids come by

I don't know what exactly was going on, but Pumpkin Girl said the little girl across from here was very annoying and wouldn't stop talking - lol

They did their ride and I unfortunately did't get pics of them coming down the big hill, but I was ready at the bottom of the stairs when they came out. The funny thing was that the girls saw me right away (I was sitting on a rock wall) but Kris was oblivious.

Then he finally saw me - lol

Pumpkin Girl gave him quite the look while Bean showed me how wet she got