Day 4 Part 4 - Leaving CA Only To Come Back for MToTP!

Well after showing off how wet they were, I told the brood that it was time to head back to the hotel and get some lunch. We strolled back past Candy Corn Acres

…and under the bridge

On our walk back through DTD we saw the cutest little police car

The Villains were still grinning down at us

I was really running out of energy, so it was good to see DLH up ahead

We made it up to the room and Roxy was still snoozin'. We did our best to stay quiet while we made lunch. After our food had settled I let the kids go down to the pool while I rested some more. I laid down and took a little nap and then headed down to the pool myself. The kids were having a BLAST on the water slide, going down it over and over. I settled into the hot tub and just relaxed for a while.

After I was boiled pretty well I got out and walked up the stairs to the landing that arcs over the water slide. From there I had a pretty good view of the kids going down the slide. All I had with me was my phone, so I took a couple of vids with it.

Bean and Kris on the Waterslide

While I'm posting that I'll post a couple of others from the trip.

Panning shot of the Neverland Pool from the same spot

Neverland Pool

Bean dancing (from day 1) at DTD

Bean Dancing

Me acting like a complete goofball on day 3 I think - heading back on the monorail to the hotel to meet the Vons deliver guy. Made up my own song, ain't I a natural - lol

My Own Monorail Car

And since this is a bit of a scattered post, we also got in our Photopass CD. We didn't use photopass as extensively as we did at WDW, but it was still worth purchasing the pics. Here are some favorites:

Bean with Dopey

Another with Dopey

Pumpkin Girl takes her turn

A spirited conversation with Pocahontas

And now posing with her

And here comes Pumpkin Girl (Bean always seemed to be first in line for the characters - lol)

The rest of the Photopass pics were at the ToT Party, so now it is finally time - the big event we had been waiting for.

Mickey's Trick or Treat Party!!!!!!

Well almost time, anyways. I went back up to the room and rested a bit longer and had set 5pm as time for coming back up to the room to eat/get ready. Roxy was up but still not feeling too good. She was a trooper though and finished putting together some custom halloween candy bags for the kids (need to gather them together and take a pic of them - they are very cool).

We ate and slowly got dressed, getting all of those accessories together and playing the "where's my ...." game for just about everything. But we were finally ready and were going to head out. Roxy still wasn't feeling too good so chose not to leave with us, but promised that she would try and join us a bit later.

The lines for security and to get through the gate were pretty long, but we shuffled through just fine. There were several other groups of pirates waiting so we had plenty of "arrrrggghhhhsss" and "aye, me hearties" while we shuffled forward.

Finally we were through the gates and were heading for the plaza

I wrangled them for a minute and took a pic

Bean played with her bag

Then we headed up to the big candy corn where they were dancing and singing and generally having fun

I took a couple of shots of the sun with Jack's face grinning on it

We had enough fun with that and decided to follow the map on around towards the pier. But first we made a stop at Soarin'

Lookie, no line!

Pumpkin Girl reading the map while we waited

It was great fun as usual, but I did have issues in that my pirate hat would not fit in the under seat storage - just had to hold on to it. There was a dad and son next to me, the boy was 5 or 6 and it was really cute watching his face and how amazed he was by the experience.

We got off and got back on the trail of goodies, the kids keeping a quick pace

I thought the Mickey ghost lights were great

We hit several candy stations in quick succession, the CMs doing a great job of keeping the lines moving.

They had a VERY cool spider web design over the mountain

We were near the pier entrance and they had some cool dancing jack o lanterns spotlighting on the ground

Mickey's Fun Wheel looked Spectacular in the dark

The kids had hit several candy stations and decided it was time to ride another ride. They jumped on the Zephyr and took a spin.

The Mailboomer wasn't open, but it still looked cool in the dark.

While the kids were on the zephyr Roxy tried to call them. They couldn't hear her so she gave up and called me. I heard the phone (the second time) but couldn't hear her very well.

Was she coming? Was she still in bed? Would the whole family get to enjoy Mickey's party????

Tune in next time and see!