Day 4 Part 5 - The Rest of our Tricked Out Evening!

Well it turned out that Roxy hadn't wanted to call me. She had wanted to get a hold of one of the kids and find out where we all were so she could come down and surprise me :-]

But since the kiddos weren't hearing the calls she ended up having to let me in on it and I guided her down to where we were. While we waited the kids hit a couple more candy stations and we had a Woody sighting

Soon after that Roxy was there and Kris was the first to give her a big hug and I caught a pic of them

We all headed for Cali' Screamin'. I sat the ride out with all of our Piratey accessories as once was enough for me that day. I was there to get pics when they got off

We had a little snafu trying to get out of there. I was trying to keep Roxy from having to walk stairs so we took the elevator ...which took us up! She said forget it and we ended up walking down 2 flights of stairs instead of one. Oops :-[

We made it down the ramp but had missed their pic being posted on the ride photos screen. But we then ran into a mom with a little boy pirate who thought we were the coolest and asked if he could have a picture with us :-D

We said sure and she snapped a shot, I then had her use my camera to take a pic of the fam together. Turned out a bit fuzzy but was still nice

We walked up the ramp from there and got out of the flow of traffic to decide our next move. Kyra was a bit bored and started spinning around a light pole

And Bean was just getting tired

We realized we hadn't eaten dinner, so started heading up the ramp and out of the pier area. I made the mistake to stop and take a couple of pics of the wheel and told them to keep going and find a place to eat.

I had thought they would take the immediate right down into the pier's restaurant area, so I took my pics and then headed down there. It was a very cool spot with both classic Peter Pan pirates and the PoTC pirates and several food vendors to choose from.

Unfortunately Kris said he knew where to go and they went trekking back towards the entrance of the park. I tried calling and when I finally got through they were at Test Pilot Grill :0

I was bummed to miss out on all the Piratey action ...and seeing the Wicked Stepmother and Sisters who were near the entrance to A Bug's Life, but sometimes that's the way it goes, aye?

We had a quick meal of burgers and fries and strolled out towards the parade route. It was still a bit before the parade so we checked out the big Disney store for a while. Soon enough it was time for the parade, it was short but still pretty cute.

Here came the lead float - nice candy corn

Some colorful witches

Here comes the Army Men

And there's Woody and Jessie

Rolling candy pumpkin and more Army Men

Another bunch of happy witches

Here comes Mickey and the gang!

Chip and Dale were keeping watch at the rear of the float



And Alice followed

A last line of witches

And the last float

The parade finished and we made a bee line down towards ToT before the lines built back up. On the way down we saw another character interaction. While we waited in line we took in another cool Halloween projection

Kris had the camera and took a pic of Pumpkin Girl and I

And of a shiny fire hydrant that he thought was pretty cool

I don't know who Pumpkin was giving a look to, but it was a good one

I went up first and got a couple of shots with Snow White and Dopey

And then I got the whole fam to come up

The kids moved up ahead around the bend towards ToT. looked to the left and saw the line for Mickey and Minnie - it was waaaayyyyy too long to try for.

Caught a shot of ToT

The kids went on the ride but Roxy and I were wiped out. So we had a seat on a bench outside the ToT gift shop. There was a mother and grown daughter in cool witches costumes sitting on the other bench who we talked with for a bit. Soon enough we realized we were sitting right by the exit area for the characters at this end of the street.

First came a big Little Einstein

And what do you know - the Mouse and his Miss came by!

Roxy's stomach wasn't feeling too hot, so she asked if I could find her some kind of bread product to settle her tum tum. I zoomed back around the corner and lo and behold - the Wicked Queen was there with no line!!!!!

I was able to jump in and get a couple of quick pics. She was not impressed with my apple, said it was the wrong color - lol

It was almost 10:30pm (closing time), so everything was starting to close up. I ended up having to go all the way back to the rail car shops, but I found a big croissant for her. I made my way back and by that time the kids had finished up on ToT. Bean was unhappy because they only rode it once and even though there wasn't a line, none of the other kids wanted to ride again. So we made a couple of purchase at the ToT gift shop and started walking. I turned and said a final goodbye to the tower

We strolled back towards the entrance and made some more purchase at the big gift shop near the bridge. We left the park around 11pm and shuffled our tired feet back to the room for showers and sleep.

The next day was Friday, our last day in the parks. What to do, where to go? And who would be awake enough to live the adventure? Check back in a bit later and we'll see!