Day 5 Part 1 - Who's Ready For More?!?

Day 5 dawned, our last day in the parks. The fam was dead to the world after the early day park hopping and the ToT party. I however was up with the sun. I still had a bit of a cough but I was feeling the call of the Magic Kingdom. I showered and dressed and grabbed some food from the cabinet and fridge. Bean stirred a bit and I told her that whenever they were ready, I would come back and get them. She said 'okay' and turned back over to go back to sleep.

I walked out the door and down the hall. While I waited for the elevator I took in the sunrise over a very smoggy Cali' Adventure

The sun was still peeking through the trees as I left the Wonder Tower

All was still quiet at the Rainforest

I went to the monorail station not long after it opened ...and yes, I got my own monorail car again :-D As I glided in I caught a couple of great shots of the Matterhorn

The morning dawned over Tomorrowland

As I came around the other side of the Matterhorn I caught some other early risers going on the Alice ride.

I got off of the monorail took a shot of my fellow passengers as they disembarked

Strolling along I took some random shots through Tomorrowland

I had been making my way towards the center of things to visit the man who started it all. And there he was with his our favorite mouse, pointing towards the future and welcoming all who came to share in the magic.

For Halloween they had made up jack-o-lanterns representing each land. Buzz for Tomorrowland

Roger Rabbit for Toontown

Tink for Fantasyland

Pooh for Critter Country

Woody for Frontierland

Jack for New Orleans Square

Tarzan for Adventureland

There was a Photopass guy there and I couldn't resist getting my pic taken with Walt and Mickey

I then took pics of the little statuettes that surround Walt's statue

First the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Chip and Dale





and finally Pluto

the park was still still pretty quiet as this empty car can attest to

The horse drawn trolley was parked by the statue so I said 'hi' to the horse :-]

and there went the double decker bus

Meanwhile families were making the pilgrimage to Fantasyland

I moved away from the crowds and headed over to the grotto. Not a soul over there - it was very peaceful and shady. Hello Mr. Bunny rabbit

The castle looked very majestic

And the grotto was very ...uh, grotto-ish ;-]

And a wishing well to make that special wish

And back to Snow White and her deer

Her and most of the crew

And there's Dopey

Turrets against the blue sky

I started strolling back towards Main Street and ran into a flock of guides learning to guide ...hehehe

Next up I take a walk down Main Street USA!