Day 5 Part 2 - A Walk Down Main Street Turns Into a Disneyland History Lesson - That's My Kind of History!

As I turned down Main Street I snapped a quick pic of a HalloweenTime banner

Main Street was lookin' good

The pumpkins in the windows were cool

Down one of the alleys there was an open upstairs window where you could hear piano lessons going on

And howls from the "painless" dentist - lol

I actually took pics of all of the windows, but I won't bore you with them. It was interesting to google some of the names to see what great works they had done - some amazing people.

My next stop was Disneyland - The First 50 Years. The full exibit wasn't open, but there was still some very cool stuff to look over. First was a great pic of Walt walking through Snow White's castle

Below the picture was a bench ...a very special bench

There was a great model of Snow White's Castle

Next was Inspirations and The Dream Begins:

Then more sketches

And a painting of Disneyland as it looked right after it opened

More sketches

And Disneyland Grows Up

And A Golden Age For Dreamers

Then A New Generation of Dreamers

There was a cool model of Splash Mountain

Walt and Mickey

Some info about Walt's Apartment

Last image was some pics of Walt's Apartment above the Firehouse - here's the info that went with it:

Next was a full model of the Disneyland park

And the oh so famous quote - still affects me a bit to read it

A copy of the Disneyland Newspaper from opening day

They still had a montage up from Great Moments with Mr Lincoln

Then some great shots of Walt in the park

They were showing a cool video narrated by Steve Martin if I remember correctly. When the video was over it showed a cool screen saver of the castle at night

Next door there we some great paintings on exibit

I walked out and looked across the square and took a quick shot of City Hall

The train station was closed down with the trains getting their yearly maintenance

I turned around and who walked out - Mickey!!!!

I then got in line to get my picture taken in front of the giant Mickey Jack-o-lantern. By then it was starting to get really hot and humid and every moment in the shade was golden.

After my momen in pumpkinland my eyes fixed on something I had seen many times but had never taken the time to explore. Ye Ole Firehouse

I finish up the firehouse, hit some shops, and then on to The Pirate Lair!