Day 5 Part 3 - Off To The Island!

Let's finish off my little tour of the firehouse and move on down the road shall we?

A certificate from 1929 from an operational fire dept

More sundries

1920s Fire Dept Pic

I left the fire department and went right into the first big shop next to it. I looked over the merchandise and bought a pirate pin and took a couple of pics of the full sized dioramas they have up in the eaves.

Time for a haircut

She really enjoys her birds

But I don't think this little girl cares for the outfit

On to the toy store which had all kinds of stuff in the rafters including a running toy train and my second favorite pirate captain :-D

Outside of the shop there was an open air space to eat at, but I was looking at the posters

I wandered back down Main Street U.S.A and made my ritual pit stop at the Dole Whip stand for a pineapple juice to soothe my scratchy throat. While I waited I snapped a couple of pics of the Hawaiian theming

From there I made a beeline for New Orleans Square or more specifically the ferry barge to Ole Tom Sawyer's Island AKA The Pirate's Lair. From the barge I had a good view of the back of the Columbia.

On the way across I had a good view of the wrecked ship on the rocks

And one of the pirate caves

The sunlight filtered through the morning haze to the entrance of the PotC ride.

And the crowds were starting to pour in and fill up the queues at the Haunted Mansion

Once I got over to the island I strolled up onto the "stage" area where Mickey hangs out for Fantasmic and took a bunch of pics of the shoreline. I put together a panorama of it but I warn you - it is almost 30MB in size. If you care to see it, click here

I got another shot of the Columbia

and then turned around and took a shot of the ...ummm, what is this building anyways?

From there I circled around towards Will Turner's Blacksmith shop

I wonder if he's in?

Shouldn't there be a donkey turning this?

Hey, sharp things!

More cool signage

As I came out what did I find? The riverboat was starting its journey

So what's next you ask? Well I'll tell you, I'm headed for trouble!!! I'm going in the out door! Bwooohaahaahaaaaa!