Day 5 Part 4 - Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Lair For Me!

And away we go into the dark depths of a pirate tunnel .....backwards!

After passing under the "wrong way" sign I came across a note from Mr. Gibbs

Next up was a capture pirate with a pretty cool projection over the face ...which my flash completely zapped - lol But if I tried to do a long exposure with no flash his face ended up as a blob. Oh well.

Look - treasure!

eeeek! It be guarded

Davy Jones heart safe in its box

More bad luck for treasure seekers

Shall we heed the warning?

Oops, maybe we should have

More goodies

And hard luck ex-pirates

And finally the entrance through which I made my exit

I took a trail back around to the other side and found another soul lost to the pursuit of treasure

This ship and her crew did not fair well

Bone cage a la PoTC 2

I walked up to a higher vantage point and looked across the river to a spot that used to part of the old Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland

It was actually kind of cool with that as there are spots all around the rivers and Big Thunder Mountain and the walkways in between where you can see old tracks and old tunnels boarded up from the ride. It was in operation until 1977 and I vaguely remember riding it as a kid on our trip to DLR in 1976.

I took the trail all the way to the top to the tree fort

Some okay views from up there, but mostly everything is obscured by trees.

I took a different route down and came down just as the steamboat was coming around to finish her journey.

I started walking towards the back of the island and had fun watching kids going in and out of some of the smaller "just for kids" tunnels they have through that area. I climbed up to the old shipwreck I had seen as we were first heading across. I really looked like it had been there for a long time.

There was some yummy salt pork and other barrels of provisions on the battlements

And from here I could see the top of the cave labyrinth that the kids were having so much fun in down below. It was extra funny watching the parents who had sent there kids in and then had gone up to the top to meet them try and coax the little ones out. The kids just kept turning around or ducking into other passages ...hehehe.

I walked to the edge of the structure, past the pulleys and other dockside apparatus and what did I spy? Twas the Mighty Columbia setting sail!

I worked my way back down to ground level and trekked my way to old Fort Wilderness. It was still standing proudly, but locked down and quiet.

I walked around back and paid my respects at the old graveyard

By then the Columbia was coming by, tall and majestic but empty of passengers

Her gunner gave a test fire off the foredeck

Then she sailed off on her grand adventure

I had been following a trail as the ship went by and lo and behold, I found a ship's ransom of treasure! Only some wee pirates had found it first - blast!

There was plenty for all to share though

And right when I was getting ready to celebrate finding my plunder cell phone rings! Bean is up and would like to come join me on my adventure :-] I have to leave the treasure for others to discover as I make my way back across the island to the barge dock.

On my way I catch a great view of Splash Mountain. I took a shot of a log coming out of the top, thinking it was a pretty cool pic.

It wasn't until weeks later while editing pics for posting that the voyagers on that log were veterans and knew how to strike a pose for the cameras - lolol

I kept walking and the Mark Twain was making the rounds again. I really love the look of the paddle wheel scooping its way around the river. Such a cool method of locomotion :-]

I got to the barge waiting area and it was really starting to get HOT!!!! Hot and humid. I was finding every sliver of shade I could, which wasn't easy at the barge dock. I looked up and took one more picture of the crows nest and building behind me and then got on the barge.

Before we started out a couple of canoes came around the bend. They were really workin' up a sweat!

The sun beat down on the open barge - making me want for another ice cold pineapple juice!

I made landfall and started working my way around the walkway next to the river. I couldn't help take a couple more shots of the Columbia as she came at me going the other way.

I headed for the Frontierland exit towards the hub and said a quick "how" to the cigar store indian

I entered the hub and snapped another shot of the Matterhorn, looming majestic above the crowds

I weaved my way into Tomorrowland, heading for the monorail station. A monorail swooshed over my head as I walked. I was happy for the shade ;-]

At the station I took that same darned shot that I've taken before and just about everyone else takes from the platform

Then I was on my way. No monorail car to myself this time - I squeezed in but managed to get a window seat. We passed above Autotopia

As we wound around I snapped a pic of another monorail coming in

And then we were zooming away from Disneyland and quickly passing Cali Adventure. Big Grizzly howled as I went by ...hehe

I arrived at the station and made my way up to the room. Kris had gotten up too and him and Bean were ready to roll. I had a quick snack and rehydrated - warning them how hot and humid it was going to be. They were still game so we packed up to head back to the park. Roxy and Pumpkin Girl were more than happy to just hibernate and enjoy the wonder that is a closed blind and climate control - lol.

Next up, many sweaty adventures and what the heck happened to my shirt????