Day 5 Part 5 – Let’s All Head To Disney ..and Find a Ride With AC!

So out the door we went - Bean, Kris, and I. We zipped past the ESPN club but Bean couldn't resist stopping in front of the Rainforest as they had a parrot out with its handler.

Bean listened to her talk about the bird's habitat and such

And then of course got a picture with them

We hit the monorail and as we sped past the entrance we got a birds-eye view of the character jack-o-lanterns

and the Halloween Mickey head

...and then the rest of the jack-o-lantern crew

Hey look - a slightly different view of the Matterhorn ;-D

Followed by 'morning sun on Matterhorn

Matterhorn waterfall

and Matterhorn as seen from monorail just before entering the station - lol

We got off of the monorail and were really starting to feel the heat of the day coupled with a humidity that was competing with what I've felt down in Orlando! We followed the shadow of the monorail track around the Matterhorn and up towards IaSW.

We had decided that AC rides were the way to go for the time being. We made a quick pit stop to pick up some waters from a stand and looked on as a couple of villains did a meet and greet on the raised area to the right just before the ride.

The kids didn't want to wait in line for them even though I wanted to - my official notice that I was no longer on my time, I was on theirs - lol I stopped to take a quick shot of Jafar as we went by.

Then came IaSW itself

We were shuffling along in the line trying to go from one shady spot to the next. Once we got onto the ride boat I handed the camera over to Kris and he took pictures as we made our way around the winding course to the interior.

Hallo Mr. Moose!


Bean really liked the horse

Proud elk

...and the horse again :-D

We crossed the threshold into blessed shade and air conditioning ....aaaahhhhh! Kris took a bunch of pics, I'll share a choice few as you've seen all of these plenty of times before.

Alice and the White Rabbit

Some dancing girls

Ye ole bagpiper

Pinocchio doing a dance

some billygoats doing a balancing act

Aladdin and Jasmine

A trip to India

Cool camel

A very colorful Zebra groovin' next to the Hyenas was next

The Three Caballeros

Little Ariel

...and of course Flounder

Keeping to the nautical theme we found Nemo swimming along after him

And then we break the surface in time to catch Stitch hanging ...uhhh, not ten ...hmmm, how many toes does he have anyways?

Then we did some crocodile rockin'

Followed by some strumming by Jessie

And a hearty yee-haw from Woody and Bullseye

Then it was the smiling sun letting us know our journey was almost at an end

We said our tearful goodbyes to the AC

And were enticed to come again soon

Outside we met yet another cool zebra

We had already hit all of the classics in Fantasyland so we wound our way from there down into Frontierland. I had promised Bean that we would make some time for saying "hi" to the critters.

We passed a cool harvest wagon.

And then went into the petting zoo. Bean said hello to a big sheep relaxing in the shade

And then spent some time with the goats

I snapped a shot of another overloaded harvest wagon

and of the back side of Big Thunder Mountain peeking above the trees

We came out of the animal area and who was there but Woody!

Now this I really don't understand - there was no line for him. NO LINE. And they still didn't want to say 'hi' to him. Sometimes I just don't understand my kids.

We walked down towards BTMRR and I caught one of the trains as it was taking it's passengers on their wild ride

We got in line and I took a couple of random shots as we waited

Bean and I got in the front car, right behind the engine. Looking forward the view was a bit obstructed.

But to the sides we had some great views

Our ride on the railroad continues in my next installment