Day 5 Part 6  – Mountains and Pooh and some Space Age Fun!

Well we got rolling down the tracks and were soon in great danger!

The mountain goat seemed oblivious though

Oh no, explosives!

Most of the rest of the ride was too fast and/or jolting to take pics, but I did get a shot of folds winding their way through the line to take their turns

We got off and started heading around the Rivers of America with HM as our destination. On our way we stopped and looked at the petrified tree that Mrs. Disney donated to DLR and took a shot with Bean posed next to it

I didn't take any pics of HM since I have already shown it twice in this TR. The line wasn't horrible - probably a 20 minute wait. We came out and Bean wanted to ride Splash Mountain. It was really hot and humid by now so the line was pretty long. I tried to convince her otherwise but she stuck to her guns and we got in line. Kris had no interest in waiting that long so he asked if he could have the camera and walk around a bit. I told him to stay in Critter Country and have a good time.

So now we embark on Kris's photographic journey through Critter Country! First stop was Pooh for him:

A blue elephant bee

Where the honey is made

Oh no, hold on Roo!


Always the neat freak

Telling the tale

Tigger will save him!

What is Rabbit holding?

Hunny Time!!!

It's a party everybody!

Honey overboard

It was a Beary Great day!

He wandered to the river and caught the Columbia sailing away

The male CM at the canoes gives good testament to how hot it was

He gave us a call to see what was going on since he hadn't seen us in about 45 minutes. We were trapped in line and hadn't moved for about 15 minutes. We found out later that some idiot had jumped out of his log and tried to have a more direct interaction with the characters on the ride. They had to chase him down and drag him out. Then inspect the area he was in to make sure there was no damage. What a loser.

So we were stuck and I knew it would be another 20 minutes easy before we came out. He wandered back up into Critter Country and found that Pooh and Tigger were out for a meet and greet

And he liked the Piglet banner :-]

After watching the character interactions for a bit Kris managed to wind his way up the exit ramp of Splash. Bean and I had good seats – she had wanted to be up front but the CMs wouldn’t let her. That’s my little daredevil!

So anyways Kris did a good job of covertly taking pics of us as we came off of the ride :-D

Now is when we finally see the mystery of my shirt! Take a look at the graphic on my T-Shirt

And then look at Bean's

Mine did this weird blurring thing, especially at the border. Nobody else's did it ...but then again I had been tooling around since rope drop on a hot day and Bean and Kris didn't get out there until hours later. Ah well, mine still looks cool and is unique!

Back to the story! We of course stopped off to check out our pic. I had schooled Bean well on doing "the big lean" so she could be seen behind me - I leaned right and she leaned left :-]

Kris took a couple of good close-ups of us

We headed back out of Critter Country with the intent to meet up with the family for lunch back at DLH. On our way out we ran into Braer Bear and snapped a pic.

We were all too hot to wait in line to get a pic with him. There's always next time, right? We were taking the monorail out so we made our way across the hub and into Tomorrowland. We came through just in time for the Jedi Academy so I stopped to take a few shots.

A young padowan takes on Vader

Vader is not happy

He stomps across the stage trying to intimidate the young jedis

Then Darth Maul comes striding by

He actually came right up into the camera lens but I couldn't focus quick enough to catch him before he moved on :-[ Vader ordered him to attack

The jedis were ready for the fight!

Maul moved in

The female jedi wasn't taking any flack from him though

Vader was not amused

Great cape swoosh :-D

Darth Maul hops back onto the stage

The Darth twins make good their escape

The storm troopers realize they are being abandoned

Oop, time to go!

Next up, the Storm Troopers make a hasty exit, we follow suit, then some Halloween Fireworks Fun!!!