Day 5 Part 7 – Troopers, Falls, and Mr. Skellington Puts on a Show

The storm troopers had found themselves all alone after the Darth boys bid their retreat.

Hmmm, maybe we should go?

I moved back so I could catch them as they headed for safety

off they scamper

Guess he didn't like the look of me

...or the guy next to me

A little boy told him to "move along"

So off they went The Kitchen! LOL

One last "oh yeah" and they were gone

Guess they had to go scrub pots or something. Hehehe. The kids were hot and tired and hungry, but I wasn't quite ready to leave yet. So I got Kris and Bean on the Monorail and told them to go straight back to the room and call me when they got there.

I strolled back down Main Street USA. I was there in time to see the marching band march in and the barbershop quartet come out and sing some patriotic songs. It was pretty cool, I'm glad I went that way.

I had a leisurely stroll back through DTD and met up with the fam back in the room. We all had a nice lunch in the room and the kids wanted to go play in the Neverland Pool again. Roxy and I kicked back in the room while Kris, Pumpkin Girl and Bean all went down an cooled off for a couple of hours.

It was our last night and we had still not seen the Halloween fireworks from inside the park. So we packed up and headed out for MK. I stopped off and snapped a couple of shots of the waterfall outside our building, loved the subtle lighting.

I had my timing off and we just missed being able to take the monorail into the park - oops. So we strolled back through DTD and on into the Magic Kingdom

The place was already pretty packed, but we got a decent spot to camp out at. Had a decent view despite a tree blocking a chunk of the castle. Real bummer was that it also almost completely obscured the "orb" they project the villian's faces on. Oh well, we'll just have to get there earlier next time ;-]

While we waited I took a pic of the Astro Orbiter

And the kids found some pavement to collapse onto until the show began - lol

Kris kept Bean entertained with a glowy ball spinning thing he picked up

And then they finally announced the start of the show! I'm sure you've seen the vids on the video sites so I just took some pics.  They’re pretty self-explanatory but I must say it was the best fireworks show I’ve ever been to between the music and the explosions and the theme for each villain :-]

We were all amazed by the show and all wished we had seen it more than once. I withheld the "I told you so's" as I had tried to get them down there on Wednesday evening but they weren't up for it.

The crowds split with large groups heading towards Main Street and others towards Tomorrowland. We weren't about to walk all the way back again so we got in line for the monorail station. Pumpkin Girl and Kris found a spot on a raling off to the side while we waited.

We slowly made our way up to the platform and awaited our monorail. I took a couple of shots of the neon wonderment while we waited for the gates to open.

Once we got off at the other end we realized that we were absolutely STARVING! Since we had started our trip with a meal at Rainforest we thought 'what the heck' and made our way in.

Unfortunately they stuck us in a back corner so the service wasn't the best, but we were just happy to be sitting again. Kris played with his color ball thing some more

He was pretty happy about the day and the trip in general and especially happy when the food came

Kyra on the other hand was not being very social - lol

Bean was tired but had fries, so all was right with the world for her

Roxy had held up very well considering she was still feeling pretty icky from the flu

Once the kids got some food in them their energy level went up and they started getting a little goofy

Roxy took the camera and got a pic of me and the kids

and then one of me

Either Kyra or Kris took the camera (can't remember which) and took a couple of pics of Roxy and I

smooch smooch

We sat and talked about our adventures for a bit longer while Kris played with his toy some more

By now it was about 10:30pm and we paid the check and headed out. We walked under the magic hat one last time and said 'goodbye' to Tinkerbell.

I stopped and took a picture of the sign for the Dreams building, smiling as I thought of the dreams answered and memories made on our trip.

We wound our way back over to the Wonder building and rode the elevator up to our room. We were all tired but happy and slept the sleep of the exhausted Disney fan.

Next up - last day.  Time to pack up and say 'goodbye' to DLR