Day 6 - Saying "Goodbye" to DLR

After our late night of fireworks and Rainforest fun we slept in as long as we could. Our flight didn't leave LAX until after 1pm so we got up around 9am. We had lots of goodies left over in the fridge/cabinet from Vons so we had a little mini-feast while we slowly started packing.

Roxy was nice enough to give me a neck rub (while Bean hammed it up)

Kyra meanwhile was avoiding packing by playing her iPod Touch

I was going downstairs and got some coffee for us and stopped to take some last pics of our great view

As I strolled around I took in some more of the great Disney art they have on display throughout the hotel

We drank our coffee and finished packing everything and made the “long walk” out of the hotel. We placed our bags at the ME pickup spot and then the kids went over to say “goodbye” to Mickey

Bean looked comfy

All too soon our bus came around the bend

The bus was very sparsely occupied so we spread out and settled in. The kids were still pretty tired and either hibernated

Or were lost in their thoughts like Kris

He took a pic of me …and me and Bean

And then snapped one of Roxy

The camera was put away and we were dropped off back at LAX. The trip back was uneventful with all of us snoozing off and on. We returned to a cloudy day in Oregon, retrieved out luggage and loaded up the rig. In a bit over a half hour we were home and braced to deal with the post-Disney blues – Wheeee!