Day 0 - The Beginning of the Wild Journey!

Hey There Everyone!!

Well, it ended up dumping about 4 inches of snow on us the night before we were
supposed to fly out.


It stopped during the night and was looking good until I looked outside in the morning.
Lo and behold it had turned FOGGY! I had been watching 3 different forecasts and they
all said snow/rain for this AM and NO fog on the horizon.

We headed out anyways - shoehorning ourselves and our belongings into our van and
drove the 35mls to the airport. On the way there was an accident which backed up traffic
for about 20 minutes, but we had left with plenty of time.

We crested the hill heading into Medford, OR and the sun was eating away at the fog a
good 90 minutes before our departure time. But we got there and SFO had delayed our
flight by 2hrs!!! Right off the bat that put us in a pinch - giving us only 15 minutes at SFO
to make our connection - eek!

They did a backup booking having us sit at SFO until 8pm, then flying down to LAX for
an hour layover. Then we'd hit the red eye to MCO, getting in at 6am!

But then the fog THICKENED and the plane they sent from SFO circled until it ran low
on fuel and then diverted to Eugene. It refueled there and flew back down to us and
circled some more. Finally at 12:40pm they cancelled it and the plane flew back up
north. Sigh.

Soooo, we got rebooked from United to Delta flying out tomorrow morning at 6am,
connecting in Salt Lake City, and arriving at MCO at 4:30pm. We unchecked our
7 checked bags and loaded it all back up. Instead of driving all the way back we tried
to take a bad situation and turn it around. There is a Super8 here in Medford that has a
big indoor water slide and heated pool.

Roxy called and was able to cancel our 1 night stay at an Embassy Suites (we had
already called them about our delays earlier). And we booked a room 1/2 mile from
the airport for 1/2 the price of the suites. We had a great lunch at our fav place Elmer's
and then came back so the girls could finally SWIM and SLIDE!

Here's the slide with the girls and Roxy climbing up

Here's our Pumpkin girl going down head first AND backwards :D

Here's Bean proving she could do it too!

And here I am getting swallowed by the undercurrent

So we spent about 2 1/2hrs in there and had the place to ourselves. Came back to
the room and rested and later I ran out and grabbed some food. We're heading to
bed now ...just after 9pm. We have a 3:45am wake-up so we can be back at the
airport and check in at 4:30am. This way we will get seats together since Delta
wouldn't let us get assigned seats ahead of time.

Cross your fingers folks, we're still working our way there. We haven't missed out
on any Dis fun as we only had a trip to the big Mickey D's and maybe the Ripley's
museum planned for Tuesday. And we will still get there in time to meet up with
me mum just after they check in to the timeshare and head out for our first event -
the Pirates Adventure Dinner!

Cheers and have a good one all - wish us luck!!!