Day 1 - Winging Our Way and Shivering our Timbers!

Hello All!

Well, we made it out the next morning ...had to get up at 3:45am to make it there by
4:30am for seat assignments. We managed seats together for both legs with both girls
still getting window seats :-] But we did all have to go through the "extra special
screening" because we changed our tickets. That is apparently a flag for TSA - ugh
It made us the last ones to board, but we still took off 5 minutes early.

Here is the view as the sun came up

And here is our chariot from SLC to MCO

Salt Lake City was at an invigorating 20 degrees outside. Even the Great Salt Lake was showing
signs of freezing:

We landed just before 5pm and picked up our bags, which were very easy to spot thanks to the lime
green pom-poms Nana and the girls put on them. Also notice the little laminated LGMHs on them ...
each one had our DIS names or nicknames on them:

Next was the rental pick up a brand new Town and Country with double sliding doors and a
BIG cargo area behind the rear seat - yay!

By the time we got out of there we had to put the pedal to the metal and get to the resort. We met
up with my fam and had enough time to dump our bags and splash some water on our face before
heading back out the door to go to The Pirates Adventure Dinner!

There was a pre-show and buffet which wasn't bad, but we got there too late to have a decent place
to sit. We were assigned the "Orange" pirate, Andre and he lead us into the main theater. Similar
seating to a Medieval Times, except there's a big ship in the middle instead of a horse arena.

There was no flash photography allowed and it was kind of dark, but I have a fast lens for just such
occasions so some shots came out pretty good.

There was much buckling and swashing and dancing about

And acrobatics played an ongoing role


Lives were threatened

And the fair maiden found herself in jeopardy in the company of the pirate queen

Our pirate Andre was full of bravado and strength



And then it was time for more gypsy acrobatics


The "Blue" pirate turned good and attempted to rescue the damsel princess

The Pirate Queen protested and set about to hang said princess

More fighting for honor and yes, more acrobatics :D


Somehow all turns out well and the pirates swing out over our heads

DDs get a pic with our Pirate Andre

As does my Mom despite the attempted picture thwarting by an errant waiter

Everybody went to the restroom except me and our Pumpkin girl, which gave her more picture
opportunities ...she's a bit of an opportunist ;-]




Bean finally caught up in time for a final shot with the Pirate Queen

As an interesting aside my Dad left the show towards the end to grab a smoke and check on their
dog who unfortunately had to sit in the truck during the performance ...she's a traveling dog and is
used to it. While he was out there the pirate queen came out to catch some air. As soon as she saw
their dog she came running over.

Oh, I should say that their dog is a 100lb Rottweiler named Precious. She said hi and asked if she
could pet her and fawned all over her. She was also nice enough to ask if she could get them
anything and he asked for a cup of ice for Precious. Just then she heard her cue to come back inside
but promised to send some out. Sure enough a waiter came out a couple of minutes later with a
large cup of ice :-]

After the show we headed back to the resort, took showers, and collapsed into our beds.

What does Day 2 bring us? When do we wake up? Where do we go? Will I be able to navigate
WDW's convoluted road system???

Tune back in and see!!!!