Day 10 Part 2 – Visiting the Rays and Our Fine Feathered Friends

Okay, back to the show ;-]

On to the Ray Pool

I walked around to the other side and discovered that the rest of the fam had gone in to say “hi”
to the rays

There’s my girls!

…and the rest of the ladies

Notice the ever-present birds in the background waiting for a piece of fish to come their way ;-]

My Pumpkin Girl

The moms

And of course my Beany Girl

She gets in one more good pet before getting out with the rest of the ladies. As I said, the water is
a bit cooler in the areas with sea life

Where there is a beach and sand you will always find kids who want to play with it

The moms discuss their continuing adventure

And now from a different perspective, Roxy with one of the waterproof cameras, so rewind to:

Nana getting tickled

My mom taking a turn


And Gillian

The girls say “cheese”

Bean found a new friend

Pumpkin Girl had a whole line of them swim past her

Smile ladies!

After everyone was out I panned over and caught a couple of quick shots of the coral reef section
from the other side

Nana and Roxy went to warm up in the pool and the girls were hungry so we had some snacks
and drinks at the snack bar. Then the girls went to join the other ladies warming up in the pool area.
I talked to my mom for a couple of minutes and we decided to check out the aviary.

Once inside I took a shot of mom in front of this interesting monolith-looking thing.

There were birds in the trees all around us

They have people situated in each area with cups of food to feed the birds with

And then we had a visit from these little deer …they told me the name and origin of it, but I can’t
remember it.

We walked back to one of the bridges and were followed by some friends

The trees are pretty big in there, allowing for some pretty big birds to roost

Another colorful friend visited mom

We then walked down towards the water wall exit on the river. There were some peacocks in the
trees above us

And a cool yellow parrot that simply refused to get close enough for a good picture

Here’s a shot of the water wall I’ve been talking about. It is interesting to swim under and makes
a really good deterrent to keep the birds inside the aviary.

Here is another one of the interesting features they built into the river. It really works well to
immerse you in another world

Looking “upriver” in the aviary

Then we turned around and found that we had a little visitor :D

They are very cute and only a little skittish. We said goodbye to the little guy and walked through
to another chamber of the aviary. I think there are three chambers total, each with different types/
sizes of birds.

Across the bridge and through to the next area we were greeted by a turkey of all things

Some other birds

I stepped out one of the other doors and snapped a shot of the “entrance” water wall

And upriver towards the resort pool area. You can just see the exit of the cave area

And back in to go to the last area of the aviary which held the smaller birds

We walked back out and stared to round up everyone as our dolphin encounter time was getting
closer and found Nana and Bean talking to one of the life guards. He was a pretty cool guy who
we ran into several times that day. Again, big kudos to the staff there.

We all met up and went to our assigned cabana for the highlight of our day - dolphin time!!!