Day 10 Part 3 – Dolphin Time and the Rest of Our Day of Discovery

We had to do an orientation consisting of a video and a talk with the dolphin handler assigned to
us and sign a waiver. We then walked out to the pool and one by one waded into the water. Our
group consisted of our family and a young couple from Miami.

They had us stand in a crescent and brought up our dolphin Jenny. The handler talked about
dolphins in general and Jenny’s history. She had been a show dolphin at Sea World San Antonio.
She floated in front of us and let us pet her back and tummy and we learned how to do some hand
signals for tricks. We each got to feed her a couple of fish after certain tricks or interactions.

Then it was time for the individual interactions. Pumpkin Girl was up first and gave Jenny kisses :D

Played a little

And then went for a ride

Next up was Bean – she gave big kisses

And then took her ride :-]

Roxy had her turn

Next was my mom, who must have given Jenny at least a dozen kisses :D

Nana had her turn

As you can see she really enjoyed her ride!

Sorry, no pic of me kissing the dolphin – I did do a chivalrous bow to her, but they didn’t catch it
on camera ;-]

And then a couple of family shots with Jenny to wrap up the experience

After saying goodbye to Jenny we headed over to have lunch. Due to the scheduling of our inter-
action we were one of the last groups to eat but there was still LOTS of good food :D We all had
our fill and the moms both decided they had had enough aquatic fun. My mom called my pop and
he came by and picked her up.

Roxy helped Nana get changed and helped her up to guest services next to the gift shop while the
DDs and I took another turn around the lazy river. I caught a couple of pics of the girls, most of
which didn’t turn out. I tried to get one of them sitting under water on a sunken cannon and this
was the best one of the bunch

We popped up in the aviary and Bean tried to get some birds to come to her, but no cup o’ food,
no birdie ;-]

We finished the circuit and the four of us got back together and entered the coral reef. It has dozens
of varieties of tropical fish and HUGE rays – some with wingspans wider than six feet! Here is Kyra
saying “hi” to one of the medium sized ones

Both girls exploring

And coming to get me!!!!

We swam around the reef for a while just watching the big fish and rays swimming right around us.
It was very cool but it was also getting pretty chilly! Kyra and I did one more turn around the river
while Roxy and Gillian checked out the aviary.

We were basically chased out of there by the lifeguards as it was closing time. While we were
swimming around I looked down and saw someone’s ID badge in amongst the rocks on the
bottom. I thought I’d be doing a good Samaritan job by giving it to the lifeguard until I looked at
the picture and saw it was Bean's!!! Lucky break that she didn’t lose that as a memento.

We all met back up by the restaurant and I took a quick shot of the now calm and empty dolphin
pool, one lone life guard keeping watch

I enhanced the light on that one, it really looked like this as we headed to the gift shop

We met back up with Nana and bought some trinkets at the gift shop and spent WAY too much
money on the picture package. We all trudged back out …darn them for making the way out
uphill!! But being as that was my only real complaint about the day I’d say we did pretty good :D

We loaded up and went back to the resort for showers and such while our minds floated on the
great day we had. Our minds also wandered to what we would see and do the next day, AKA
our last day at Walt Disney World!