Day 11 Part 1 – Last Day at The Greatest Place On Earth

Well here we were, last day – it had been a very long two weeks and yet had gone by incredibly fast.
As I had said earlier on in our little journey, it was going to be a MK day and Papa John was going
with us! The girls were very excited to have him with us :D

I was determined to actually make the big rope drop for this one and we planned accordingly. Roxy
was taking Nana to do some last minute shopping and then go back to the resort to organize all of the
stuff we had picked up for shipping out that evening. So they were going to skip the morning and meet
us for lunch in the park. So she dropped the Girls and I off at the TTC and we joined up with my
parents and headed for the express monorail.

We were there in plenty of time to make rope drop, but there was one thing that we hadn’t managed
after all or days here. What was it? To ride up front in the monorail of course! Well there were two
families ahead of us but I talked to the girls and they were okay with missing the drop if they could
be “pilots”.

We finally got our turn and jumped on board. Bean wanted to do some video work, so I handed
her the camcorder

…while Pumpkin Girl had a seat next to me

As you can see it was an overcast morning, but no rain so far. We rolled out towards the
contemporary resort

And I caught a quick shot of Space Mountain in the distance

We zoomed through the resort and there was the castle

Bean kept busy on the camcorder

I snapped a quick shot of the Grand Floridian

And before you knew it we were passing the entrance to MK. And lo and behold, we were just in
time to see and hear the festivities of rope drop – yay!

We got off and almost forgot to get our “licenses” from the monorail driver – lucky save by lil ole
me in remembering since the driver didn’t offer them :D We headed down and met up with my
parents and picked up a double stroller since both girls still had a bad case of the “I’m tired’s.”
When we came through the tunnel there were several of the characters we had seen on our first
MK day, but the girls quickly spied someone unexpected!

That’s right – it was the one, the only, Cruella DeVil :D :D :D She is one that doesn’t stand still for
anyone, but the girls had learned their lesson from Baloo at AK and tracked her down ;-]

I looked around and saw that Jiminy Cricket was also there and we got the girls through the line to

That was it for characters in that area so I had the four of them gather for the obligatory
Main Street Castle shot :-]

We were early enough that I went against my better judgment and followed the crowds around to
the right and into Tomorrowland. The main reason being that the girls hadn’t been on Buzz Lightyear
yet and they wanted to ride Space Mountain again …or as I now referred to it, the whiplash express!

I hit the fastpass booth for Buzz and we went on in to ride it on Standby since it only had a 10
minute wait. Hi Buzz!

We had a “blast” on the ride, it was lots of fun. For that first ride I had a car to myself but still used
both guns …Hehehe. You can tell I’m left handed because that side made “Galactic Hero” LOL

Then came Gillian and Grandma Dollface, with mom kicking some alien butt!

But you can see from the look of concentration on Kyra’s face that she was serious about racking
up some points and beat Papa John.

Afterwards my parents took a breather while I took the girls on Space Mountain

The loading bay

Bean waiting in line

It was just as bouncy and jerky as before and I was happy to get off of it (let’s hear it for old man
syndrome). We met back up with Grandma Dollface and Papa John and off we went back to Buzz
to use our FPs. More of the same, except this time it was Bean who wanted to ride with Papa John,
and took him to task with those alien fiends!

After we sprung the girls from the space penitentiary

On To Toontown!

We missed the opening but that was okay. The girls really wanted to explore Mickey and
Minnie’s houses.

We hit Minnie’s house first where the girls found a comfy seat…

…and then Kyra broke out her camera. I took a picture of her taking a picture of some pictures - lol

And then here’s the picture she took of those pictures :D

…she liked the pictures

…and painting

Papa John and Grandma Dollface made the rounds

Bean and Grandma Dollface really appreciated Minnie’s artistic talent :-]

On to the kitchen!


We left Minnie’s and walked across to Donald’s Boat. Now personally I think this had SO
MUCH potential for interactive gadgets, especially when you walk up to it. But then you enter it
and there’s just nothing to it. The girls still checked to see if Donald was home ;-]

Back across the street to Mickey’s house. What a neat and tidy bedroom he keeps.

…well okay, maybe not quite so neat and tidy

Mail call!

A bachelor’s living room

And a game room to be envious of

We headed out the back door and scoped out Pluto’s crib

The master gardener’s work

And one of the coolest features in my estimation, the cactus garden

Judge Mickey was in the pavilion but the girls already had pictures with two other Mickey
incarnations and decided to not brave the line for another. We instead wandered back towards
Fantasyland and took in a showing of Mickey’s Philharmagic. Still a favorite of mine and Papa John
was even impressed by it. After that we split off and the girls and I went down to Liberty Square
where I caught another shot of the steamboat.

Why had the girls dragged me down here?  Check out the next page to see!