Day 11 Part 2 – Haunted Mansion, a Magical Sword, and A Special Invitation

The girls of course wanted another ride through the Haunted Mansion! The line was a little longer
than last time, but still moved along pretty fast. The ghost horse waited patiently

…and the mansion looked appropriately gloomy

I took some shots of the parade of headstones

Madame Leota was her usual charming self

I caught the “old man” but the crowd blocked me from getting his skeletal likeness

On to the tall room – I made sure we were right in the middle so I could keep pivoting around and
watch the portraits grow :D

…and then we were joined by the master of the house

I got a quick shot of one of the gargoyles and then we moved on to the show.

I wanted to really enjoy this one so I didn’t take many pics and none of them really came out. I did
try for the ghost in the car shot and this was the best I came up with

The girls and I wandered back up to Fantasyland and met back up with mom and pop. We
checked out the shops near the castle and I really liked the “Jack and the Beanstalk” theme :D

Both girls had their turn with the Sword in the Stone

Roxy and Nana had arrived at the front entrance by then and were working their way through the
crowds. Grandma Dollface stayed with the girls while Papa John and I wandered through the castle
to the front to wait for them. While we waited I took a shot looking towards Liberty Square

…and another of Papa John keeping a sharp eye out for them

Roxy and Nana showed up just as a light drizzle was starting. Luckily we were already at our
destination so we told the girls they had a special invitation to lunch :D

The invitation included a beautiful picture of the castle

We checked in and about 15 minutes later we were lead inside. I thought the castle
theming was great

The ladies had their royal visit

Bean and Cinderella from my camera

…and from theirs

Pumpkin Girl with the Princess from my side

…and from Disney’s

Personally I think they went a little heavy on the flash – lol :D

Papa John and I were each given swords and all of the ladies were given wands. This was a very
cool treat as I thought only Bean and maybe Pumpkin Girl would get anything. We rode the elevator
up with the moms and were seated at a long table in a raised area near the kitchen entrance. I forgot
our waiter’s name but he was very attentive.

Our food was wonderful, I had been a wee bit worried about it from hearing some reviews on the
boards. But everyone very much enjoyed their meals. Also, Bean got a wishing star but Kyra hadn't
been given one because of her age. We talked to our waiter and he took care of us and got one for
my Pumpkin Girl. We tipped him well for all of his thoughtfulness and attention.

As we ate the princesses started making the rounds. Our first was Jasmine, one of Kyra’s favorites

And then came Snow White

She was followed by Sleeping Beauty or Aurora, whichever you prefer.

When she went to sign Kyra's autograph book, Kyra told her that she had already signed
it at Epcot. Aurora smiled and said "I may have signed it, but do you have a kiss to go
with it?" and put a nice lipstick smooch next to the signature :-]

Next came Belle in her peasant outfit, which was cool since Kyra had pics with her dressed up
at Epcot

After the princesses had finished their rounds I caught a couple of shots of the interior. It was
pretty full but wasn’t as loud as some of the other places we’d eaten at.

We finished our lunch and the girls got their special desserts. Bean REALLY liked her chocolate

And Pumpkin Girl showed off hers and initially didn’t want to eat it because it looked so cool

More magic to come and an unexpected encounter with some very bad girls!