Day 11 Part 3 – More fun at the CRT, Some Very Bad Girls, and A Special Destination

After dessert Roxy took the camera as Bean came around to Papa John and talked to him

…and then gave him a BIG HUGS!

And Kyra used her wand to bestow a magical wish upon me :D

I forget what Bean was talking about, but she sure had our attention :D

Her and Papa John were really enjoying their time together

The moms where having a wonderful conversation while they sipped drinks and let that good meal

Finally our time in the castle was over and we made our way out. The moms took the elevator while
the rest of us hit the stairs. I took one more shot from up top I liked the arches and the little details
like the crown in the top of the chandelier :D

On the way down I caught a shot of one of the stained glass windows in the tower

We went outside and came across a very special granter of wishes :-]

We went into Tink’s Treasures and shopped for almost an hour. The place certainly lives up to its
name as the ladies found all kinds of treasures that they wanted – lol. Now here’s where things get
interesting. I saw a spark of color outside the window where the fairy godmother had been standing.

I grabbed the girls and we went out to find the Wicked Stepmother and the Stepsisters! Now I have
to say right now that these naughty girls were the BEST character interaction of the trip.

There wasn’t a line at this point so they really took their time.

I love the look the stepmother gave me in this one

They noticed the girl’s “first timer” buttons and went into their own first timer song.

They laughed, they screamed, they generally made a spectacle of themselves and took the girls
along for the ride :D

They were making so much noise Roxy could hear them from the other end of the store and the store
started emptying to see what was going on.

And the posed shot was just fantastic

By now it was getting close to time for our last special treat of the trip. We had arranged for the
moms and the girls to go parasailing at Sammy Duvall’s Watersports Centre at the Contemporary!
We were leaving at a good time since most of the crowds were still circulating around the park.

We strolled out and followed the pathway under the monorail

As you can see it was a little gloomy but we didn’t mind, it was still about 20 degrees warmer than
it would have been at this time in Oregon – lolol.
We strolled and/or rolled along the path and headed towards the Contemporary

And made our way around back to the marina area. The girls played while we checked in and
signed all the “if I fall off the boat/out of the sky, I will not sue Sammy or Disney” forms. We then
strolled down the dock and I took a quick shot of the girls, who were of course hamming it up :D

And then I turned to scope out our boat

We all got on the boat and met up with the guys who were taking us out and they were very nice
and helpful throughout our experience.

First up was Bean getting strapped in…

…and then Nana

Before you knew it we were underway and they called Bean up to get connected with Nana on
her heels

One of the guys gave some last minute tips

And then they were officially at LIFT OFF!

They gained altitude pretty quickly

They got up to 600 feet in the air and were truly flying around the place. They had a beautiful view
of the resorts and the Magic Kingdom and beyond :-]

While they were flying the guys started getting Pumpkin Girl and Grandma Dollface suited up

As you can see Kyra was beaming and my mom was making conversation with one of the guys

All too soon Nana and Bean’s 12 minutes were up and they started reeling them in. I love that they
had a pirate flag flying from their antenna :D

Down they come

Do they look happy or what?

Coming right on this page’s heels, our second group takes flight!