Day 11 Part 4 – Safe Landing, Second Flight, Our Last Moments at The World and Our Journey Home   

Nana and Bean touch down safe and sound

And off to sit and reflect on their wonderful experience

Meanwhile Pumpkin Girl had already gotten strapped in and Grandma Dollface came up to join her :-]

Before you knew it they were taking to the air!

And were smiliing down at us

We circled around, giving them views of everything around us

On the turns they would dip down a bit and fly far behind us

…and then shoot skyward again

The lake was pretty empty due to the cloudy/windy weather, but there were a few other pleasure
seekers out there with us

Bean and Nana were still aglow and reflecting on their time in the sky

The ladies continued their RL “Soarin’” :D

…while one of the guys got an earful of what Bean thought of the experience …Hehehe

I took a quick shot of the new resort being built next to the Contemporary. Rumor had it that it
was going to be another Disney Vacation Club destination

Finally it was time for our second flight to come back down

A quick catch…

…and another perfect touchdown

With touchdown complete the ladies get unbuckled. Here comes
our Pumpkin Girl

…and then Grandma Dollface

Soooo, do YOU think they had a good time? :D :D :D

Interview time!

I think this is one of my favorite shots of the parasailing experience – just pure joy on both of their
faces :-]

We came back to the dock and I gave the guys a BIG tip for such a wonderful time and another
dream come true for my fam.

The girls were full of energy and chased each other around a bit while we got ourselves together

Kyra came across this little number and was ecstatic to hear that you could legally drive it at the
age of 12 …only 7 short months away – lol

Bean of course had to have her turn in it

We headed back towards the Contemporary and stopped for some Mickey Ears shots. As you
can see Kyra has made off with Papa John’s hat :D

And I believe that out of the 1,800 shots (yes, you’ve waded through about 1,800 pictures if
you’ve gone through the whole thing – lolol).  This is one of my favorite pictures of the trip :-]

I popped a quick “playing with mirrors” shot in the elevator to show that I was there and to capture
the three smiles of my Pumpkin Girl :D

We rode up the back elevator and stopped to do a last minute coin press in the area where you
switch from the back elevators to the front ones to ride up to the monorail station. When we got up
top I snapped a few shots of our surroundings while we waited for the last train out of town.

And then it came, our last monorail

Once we boarded Bean managed to get Papa John’s hat, so he proudly wore her ears :D

The ride was all too quick and we were soon out of the TTC and on our way to the parking lot. I
hung back a bit to watch our weary but happy travelers make their way down the path.

We headed down and up and I stopped one more time to take the very last picture. It is a simple
one but in my eyes says so much.

We loaded up and drove back to the resort. Most of the fam stayed there to pack while Roxy and
I loaded up 2 SUITCASES full of memorabilia that we had collected over the past 12 days. We
were in search of the nearest UPS store and our darned GPS lead us to a UPS drop box instead.

After getting directions a couple of times and taking several wrong turns we finally found it with 30
minutes left before closing time. I can tell you it took all 30 minutes to get everything checked and
wrapped and set for boxing. The clerks were very understanding despite our load of goodies coming
in at the 11th hour. I’m sure they get it a lot. We thanked them profusely and carried our now empty
suitcases out to the van and picked up Subway, which was thankfully located right next door.

Back at the resort we ate and packed and reflected on our wonderful adventures. My mom was
especially thankful, giving lots of hugs and saying that she couldn’t believe how many dreams had
come true for her during this trip. Hearing that really made all of the planning and weirdness
associated with making this come together worthwhile :-]

We had an 8am flight the next day so it was late to bed and early to rise. As fate would have it,
it was foggy the next morning. It took FOREVER for our GPS to acquire a signal and then the
exit it had planned for us to take towards the car rental place was under construction! We took
the next exit and wound our way to the rental place. When we got there a shuttle was waiting
and about to depart for the airport. So we got to scramble and get the bags from the van to the
shuttle and rush through the “walk around” with the rental return guy.

The shuttle trip was uneventful and I was happy to dig in and see that I had enough cash left to
do the curbside check-in of our bags. We made our way to our gate, which was in an area that
was under construction. I remember lots of black plastic and exposed ceilings. We all slept as
much as humanly possible on the way back and after a long flight from MCO to SFO and a short
and very cramped one from SFO to home we packed up and drove the last 35 miles to our house.

It was only 3pm but felt MUCH later. We brought the suitcases in and collapsed, happy that it was
only Saturday afternoon and that we had through Sunday night to try and recover from the jetlag.
Oh, and the next morning we awoke to fresh snow – good ole Oregon apparently wanted to
welcome us back to winter – lolol

So as our trip began, it ended. But now we had lots of wonderful memories to keep us warm :-]

It took us a while to get back into the groove of work and school, but we got there.  And a few
days later our goodies arrived!  There were some issues with the snow globes freezing in transit,
but all survived except one small Sea World one (we're still trying to get it fixed or replaced). 
Here's a shot of all of our treasures.  Some have been sent off to family and friends and the rest
are proudly displayed around our house :-]

It was an amazing adventure and I'm already getting a lot of "when are we going back?" questions
from the girls :D  I hope that those who were able to go got to relive some great memories and
that those who weren't were at least able to share some of the magic we experienced.  Either way
I'm glad you stopped by.

Much Love,

Mike and Fam