Day 2 Part 1 - The World Awaits :-]

Well I realized that I hadn't done the obligatory pics of our humble digs. We had dumped off our
bags and headed straight out to the Pirates thing, so I never got any pics of the place before we
"moved in" and I didn't get any pics of the mini-suite that my parents stayed in at all. So I made
up a collage of shots I took and ones they had on the Grand Beach site.

The place had a mini-suite consisting of a bedroom, living room/kitchenette, and a bathroom with
a spa tub (where my parents and their Rottweiler stayed). And that was attached to the main suite
which had a full kitchen and living room, a bedroom with two twin beds where my Nana and Kyra
slept, and the big master suite which had a California king, a 2-person spa tub, separate shower
and sink/bathroom - that's where Roxy and I crashed.

For the 2 days my sis was here she just crashed on the couch. Anyways, here's the pic:

And you may have noticed in my inventory of people and sleeping arrangements that Gillian is MIA
 ...well that's because she didn't want to sleep by herself on the fold-out or sofa. Sooo, this was
our compromise - hehehe

Each night we pulled the cushions off the couch and put them in the tub, tucked a fitted sheet over
them, added another sheet and blanket, a pillow, a platoon of stuffed animals, and of course Bean.
And no, Roxy and I never got to actually use the tub :P

Anyways - back to the grand adventure! Day 2 dawned with clear blue skies and an expected high
of 80 degrees. We got everybody moving and fed and decked out in our tie dyed Dis shirts and
out the door by about 8:30am. We found out that our GPS could lead us to WDW, but had a
tendency to get a bit confused once on the grounds. We realized early on to trust the signs once we
were 'on property'. Here we have our first sight to let us know the dream was coming true...

...followed a couple of miles later by

We had the AAA Diamond pass, but Nana's handicapped placard put us right next to the entrance
to the TTC. Roxy snapped this pic of our happy band on the way in:

We rode the monorail with the girls pointing and doing a good amount of bouncing in their seats.
And then I snapped a shot of Roxy with the fam in front of the Mickey Pirate topiary:

We just missed rope drop (a theme that continued through most of our days at the World) but were
there as the queues were forming for the characters. Right on the other side of the tunnel was
Mary Poppins and Bert:



and Chip and Dale

We then headed up Main Street to the Castle just as the show was starting



After it ended we moved on to Tomorrowland and Stitch

Followed by Space Mountain and lunch at Cosmic Ray's - we ate early so it was still pretty empty

My mom and Nana both braved Space Mountain and decided that it was going to be their last
"big ride". Oddly enough SM fixed a spinal alignment problem that Nana had been dealing with.
Who needs a chiropractor when you have Disney - lol

After refueling we headed around to Fantasyland and ran into Alice and the Mad Hatter:

We lucked out with that one and were the last ones to see them before they went back to
Wonderland :D From there it was around the bend and Snow White's Scary Adventure:


When we came out we saw Mickey's PhilharMagic was getting ready to start. Now I have heard a
lot of conversation about this one and had been looking forward to it. Coming out if it I have to say
this it was an instant favorite for me ...but I think it should have been called Donald's PhilharMagic,

A quick restroom break and we were off to It's a Small World (my mom's fav).

Followed by Peter Pan's Flight, a fav of mine from WAY back when

From there we headed down the hill and made it to Haunted Mansion


This is one the girls had really been been looking forward to since it was closed when we were
at Disneyland in '05. It was very cool to be back in that one ...last time for me was when I was all of
7 years old. Bean was next to me and the circle room freaked her out just like it did to me when
I was her age.

She started to panic when we got on the conveyor belt and Roxy was worried about her and said
she didn't have to go. But I go her on the car and had my arm around her and promised her that it
would be fine and that she wouldn't see anything that she didn't see in the Haunted Mansion movie.
Once we got going she calmed down and had fun and was happy she went through it :-]

We headed down through Liberty Square towards Frontierland, stopping to grab some ice cream
and then found ourselves in the stocks!

We were eventually released on our own recognizance and hit the Country Bear Jamboree!

After the show it was getting close to parade time. Splash Mountain was closed but Big Thunder
Mountain was beckoning. Would we hold out for the parade or give in to the pressure to catch a
ride while the crowds are elsewhere? Would a bathroom break foil all our plans? How would we
spend the rest of the afternoon and what special happening was coming up in the evening???

Tune in next time to see!!!