Day 2 Part 2 - Railing, Floating, and Squawking

OK, here we go! It was about 2:30pm when we left the Jamboree and headed past the silent
presence of Splash towards Big Thunder. the girls both needed a bathroom break so Roxy took
them while the moms found a shady spot to park their chairs. I talked to them about the Dreams
parade since I knew they weren't going to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

So Roxy, the girls, and I headed up to BT while the moms got good spots for the parade. I caught
this shot while we were waiting in line:

It was one of the few lines that took any amount of time, but was still somewhere between 20-25min.
We got the very back car with Bean next to me:

and Roxy and my Pumpkin Girl right behind us:

It was fun but both girls thought it was too short a ride to warrant the "long" wait in line - lolol

We got out just after the parade had passed, but the girls were ok with that and the moms had a
great time watching it. We headed down into Adventureland to catch Pirates of the Caribbean before
the parade crowd caught up with us and only had about a 15min wait for it :D

I have heard some back and forth about the changes they made, but overall I was ok with the movie-
based additions to it. Here's some pics from it:




We spent some time in the gift shop there and I picked up my crimson pirate Mickey Ears which
you will see me stylishly sporting in future shots ;-]

We continued through Adventureland and the girls took a quick break dodging the squirting totems
with Bean dodging well and Pumpkin being not so lucky :D


From there it was right around the corner and on to the Jungle Cruise! It took some doing getting
the moms on the boat, but once we were settled we were a tour de force of tie dyed wonder

We saw lots of wildlife fun including hungry, hungry hippos:

But then the trip took a dangerous turn when Bean was asked to drive!!!!!



The CM was a real kick and kept bugging us to send her a t-shirt was one of the high points
of the day.

Next was a trip to the Tiki Room. We had some issues with that on due to some initial mis-
communications with the CM running the turnstiles in relation to wheelchair access. We just
missed one show but I had the moms ready to roll in on the second when he closed up the
wheelchair gate (Roxy was with the girls doing the little boats next to the Jungle Cruise and we
thought we had plenty of time). I was a bit miffed and went down to talk to him after he closed

He was a bit embarrassed and apologized for not letting me know when we missed the first show
and that the wheelchair guests had to be lined up and go in before they let anyone else in due to
the arrangement of the theater.

For the next show he was very gracious and made sure all of the ladies got leis. We had some time
to kill so I was able to get some good family shots in front of the waterfall :-]

Then it was on with the show! This is one of Roxy's favs as a kid and she was ok with the addition
of Iago and Zazu ...seeing how it would help kids of today connect with it.



When the show finished we had one more bathroom break but then had to beat feet outta there to
meet up with my dad and his birthday surprise!

On the way out we ran into Cinderella's mice

and Chicken Little

We left at a good time and the monorail wasn't crowded at all. It was nice to be off our feet for a
few minutes. We headed back to the resort and "freshened up" before rolling out for Downtown
Disney.  It was just after dark and the lagoon was reflecting all the lights from the Rainforest Cafe

We had 7pm reses, so we headed right down to our destination:

It was a great meal - everybody got stuffed. And for the food lovers I must again apologize because
I have no food pics and can't remember what everybody had ...but it was all good. The only
downside was that it was loud and very busy.

But my dad really enjoyed it and we were all set to surprise him with some birthday cake (it was
his 61st b-day), but the whole thing dragged out so long I ran out of excuses as to why we hadn't
left yet and had to tell him :P

By the time we left Bean was down for the count and I had to carry her back to the car

We headed back to the resort and poured Bean into our bed and made sure everyone else was
settled in before Roxy and I headed down to the Super Wal-Mart to finally stock up on food and
other stuff. One of the things we needed to pick up was a printer so Roxy and Nana could print out
some reports and do payroll for the company they work for.

The are the only office people so that bit couldn't be helped. We picked out a printer, then got an
extra ink cartridge, then got distracted looking for DVD-R disks and were on our way back to the
resort before we realized we never actually put the printer in the cart!

This little oops would come back to haunt us in days to come.

We made it back after 11pm and sat down to look over the next day. We had everything set up
for an EPCOT day including Coral Reef dinner ADRs, but I was getting more and more concerned
about next week's weather. The next day was looking like another nice sunny day with a high around
80 again, but a storm was moving in over the weekend.

I had Typhoon Lagoon set for Monday and it was looking cloudy and cool for that day with a decent
chance of rain. We also had Monday set as our Spectro night, and I was concerned it might get rained
out. But Thursday was also a Spectro so I brought up switching those two days.

It made sense with the exception that we had to try and change a 6 person Coral Reef reservation
right before we were supposed to be there. Would we change it up? Would it all work out? Do I have
any kind of clue what I am doing???

We'll see next time - hehehe!