Day 4 Part 1 - The Sign Still Says MGM

I know I took waaayyy too long with this update, but there were many, many pics to go through
for this day. I'll have to split the day into several posts because I took 1,200+ pics and it took a
lot of choosing just to bring them down to 139 that I wanted to post. And now back to our story!

After a day off my itinerary and the goofs at the end of the day I figured it was best to get back to
what I had planned. So it was off to MGM! I contemplated the whole "naming" thing with the
change to Disney Hollywood Studios, but if they don't have the time to change the signs or any of
the merchandise, then I'm gonna keep referring to it as MGM.

We did not make rope drop, but were still there by 10am :D It was another beautiful day with a
high expected around 78 degrees an no rain - whoohoo! I didn't bother taking a picture of the sign
at the parking lot entrance because it was pretty lame as entrances go. So we went through the
turnstiles and I hung back to catch the fam rolling in

A Photopass photographer was nice enough to snap a pic of our group on the main drag with my

Right after that the HSM show came rolling by - Kyra was really jazzed about that

But it was Bean who really wanted to get up there and see the show

When it ended we were off towards that beacon of fun - ToT!

Everyone was cruising along ready for a fun-filled day!

But before we took on the thrill rides I steered us to Beauty and the Beast, which was getting
ready to start. Now I took a LOT of pics at the shows we caught, so I'm just going to start rolling
with it. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present ...your picture trip through Beauty and the Beast!

*"Be Our Guest" comes up on everyone's mental CD players*

It was a great show that everyone enjoyed thoroughly. I am continually impressed with the amount
of time and energy Disney puts into their productions.  We headed out and on to our next stop
 - Tower of Terror!

We were at the top of the stadium when it ended so we were able to head straight out and the fam
went up the stand by line for ToT while I took our tickets and got FPs for all of us to ride it again.
I caught back up with the group and the moms waited through the line but decided to not ride the

Riding it once was enough for me at that point ...not because of the ride itself, but because I was
getting HUUUNNNGGGRRRYYY! The mom's and I decided to head down to the Sunset Ranch
Market for lunch and gave the FPs to Roxy, who rode it 2 more times with the girls. They called in
between their second and 3rd ride and I told them what was on the menus and I picked up their
food so they could eat as soon as they got there.

While they were eating I picked up FPs for Rock n Roller Coaster and we were able to ride by the
time everyone was done eating. Sorry, no pics from that. The mom's sat it out also, but the girls,
Roxy, and I had fun on it.

After that we headed up the street and across the central plaza. We had missed Indiana Jones so
we kept on past it to Star Tours. Now I'm a BIG Star Wars fan, but skipped this one because I
did it at Disneyland and when it comes down to it, it's just another motion sim ride and I'm not
much for the way those things bounce me around. So again Roxy was on ride duty with the girls,
which she was fine with.

there was a 20 minute wait at stand by so I took the moms down to MuppetVision and it was
about to start. So we went on in and it was a pretty cute show. I especially liked Statler and
Waldorf up in their traditional box heckling the show :D

Afterwards we looked around a bit and Roxy and the girls had their turn in MuppetVision. We all
met up at the exit and headed around the back towards Lights, Motor, Action! Extreme Stunt
Show, which was going to start within the hour (you have to get to that one early or you won't get
a seat).