Roxy and the moms headed for the line while I waited for the girls to do a bathroom break.
When we caught up we saw that they were near the front, which didn't turn out to really mean
anything since they just open the gate and let everyone flood in anyways.

We went around back to the elevator and we all got situated at the top of the stands towards the
left-hand side. I got a little miffed because there was a section towards the middle of that area that
would have fit both mom's chairs and all of us, but the CMs wanted to fill in the end first. I did my
little internal mantra to not let things get to me and we settled in to wait for the show. I did pretty
good at the trivia and got my camera set up with my monopod and my fastest lens to catch the

So without further ado pictorial rendering of the....
                                                           ....Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show!!