We headed out and my mom got a call from my pop. He did not go on this day but had somehow
assumed that we'd be leaving the park before dark. Soooo, he had been sitting in the parking lot
for almost 2 hrs waiting for my mom to show up ...oops. I learned a lesson in keeping him in the
loop on our plans. We had ADRs for the Fantasmic! dining experience so wouldn't be leaving for
a while.

My mom decided she was done so we rolled back to the front of the park and said good bye to
her and then the rest of us headed to Hollywood and Vine for dinner. We were there a few minutes
early but were still seated very quickly. The selection was good and everything we had we enjoyed.
However we were running a bit late and were running out of time to be able to use our special
passes to Fantasmic!

Nana was already done and decided to head down to the back entrance with our vouchers and the
rest of us finished up and did the obligatory bathroom breaks before catching up to her. We got
through the gate in time and they closed it right behind us - whew!  The only downside was that we
had taken so long that the tram that we were expecting to take us to the show was nowhere to be
found, so we had quite the walk up a winding path to get to the stadium.

We sat at the top of the reserved section and got ready for the show. Watching the general seating
fill up I was amazed how many people the CMs were able to shoe-horn in there! It was marathon
weekend and there were some big teams from Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. They al had banners
and flags and stuff and were very competitive with their country's anthems and such.

After a while we got a pretty good human wave going

Then the show began! It is always so cool to hear the announcer come over the PA system and say
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present..."

Unfortunately I did not catch anything past this point ...again ye ole battery was dead from all those
speed/action shots. So no fireworks shots this night either. I swear, the world was plotting against
me being able to catch any good pyrotechnics on this trip - lol.

So we headed out of the park with the teaming masses and made it as far as the gift shops as usual.
By the time we left the place was pretty empty, which was good as far as traffic went. Back to the
resort and showers and off to bed!

The next day was Saturday and our exodus from the world of the mouse to escape the marathon
crowds and road blocks. Yes, that's right ...its off to Sea World!