Day 5 Part 1 - Splish Splash SeaWorld Day!

Well my cunning planning had us spending the weekend going to SeaWorld since the
marathon would be going on and it supposedly causes havoc with driving/parking
and the crowd levels are higher.

I had promised the fam that our SeaWorld days would be leisurely so we slept in and
made it to the park at about 11am. Parking was still pretty good ...of course Nana's
handicapped placard helped. We went to the left of the entrance gates in a door next
to the customer service/will call window to a separate window inside to pick up our

With the Discovery Cove package you get a free week pass to SeaWorld, but until
you actually go to Discovery Cove and get your ID badge you have to go in and get
individual day passes issued. The upside is that you get to go into the park through a
separate entrance right next to the little lagoon where the lighthouse is.

We headed in and Shamu was there, so we got a pic with the girls:

We realized that we forgot to pack pants for Bean so she lucked out and got a pair of dolphin
shorts from the gift shop right up front. From there we headed up to the left and took a shot of the

and then on to the sea turtles

We rolled on up and decided to check out Blue Horizons, a show combining dolphins, birds,
and acrobats:

Next up, the Kraken and a sad Bean ...and evil scavengers at lunch!