After the show we headed past the Journey to Atlantis log ride, which was closed and on to the
Kraken roller coaster! We had to deal with a bit of a melt-down with Bean, because it is the one
coaster during out trip that she was too short for. It was a double bummer since Atlantis was
closed, so she got no thrill rides at SeaWorld :-[

She stayed with the moms and Roxy, Kyra, and I took a spin on the coaster. It was fast and
different - cool enough a coaster ride but we only rode it once so Bean wouldn't have to wait on
us. Don't feel too bad for her though, she got a stuffed sea lion from the Grandmas out of the deal
 - lol.

We decided to skip the penguin habitat since we have a big one at the Oregon Zoo and had been
to it several times. We stopped to look at a couple of the birds in pens attached to one of the gift

We started getting hungry so looked through the food offerings and decided to take a stroll across
the park to Mango Joes Cafe.

They had some really good food, but very persistent "friends" who wanted us to share with them.
There are rules about not feeding the animals ...but someone needs to tell the animals that because
this bunch ended up leaping on the girls food and spilling Bean's chicken & fries:

The servers were really cool about the situation and replaced her meal for free :D

After our food settled we strolled over to Shamu's Happy Harbor to let the kids have some fun on
the rides.

The ladies took a ride on a big crab

Then our adventures take us in different directions. We split up, with me accompanying my mom,
who wanted to ride the Shamu Express and the girls, who wanted to climb the 3 story tall play

They had fun but it was pretty tiring for them doing all that climbing:

...while I hammed it up on the 'coaster:

After we were all fun'd out we decided to take in the Pets Ahoy show. Unfortunately it had filled
up early so after a quick stop to get the girl's pic taken by the wave

Next up - Jack Hanna Wildlife fun!