We made our way up to the Nautilus Theater, which was doing a special Jack Hanna
Show ...something I had been very much looking forward to.

We were way early and were the first at the handicapped entrance, so when the doors
opened the mom's got the best wheelchair area and since there wasn't seating with them
(it was kind of a scooter corral), we were able to move all the way up front. Kyra and I
were right next to the stage and Roxy and Bean were just to the left of us.

Before the show started Jack came out and autographed posters and took pics, so we
sent both girls over

And a few minutes later the show began - it was pretty amazing to see some of these animals so
up close and personal

Now at this point the snakes came out....

...and specifically the RATTLESNAKE! Which you can see was mere feet from myself and Kyra.
You should have heard the sound of that rattle going off so close to us - yow!

The show had been amazing so far. Very interesting animals and lots of good information about
them. Hanna was a font of knowledge about animals, conservation, and the work that SeaWorld
does in relation to both.  Now back to the fun!

Some pretty kitties

And more feathered friends

The show was interesting and enlightening and we all enjoyed it very much!