After the show we rolled right down the hill to the shark area. We picked up some trinkets from
the gift shop there and stopped by the outdoor pool

And then we made our way inside to the exhibits

Here's a funky little dude

The barracuda were interesting

...and were giving Bean the 'eye'


That was it for us there, so we headed out of SeaWorld for the day. But we weren't done for the

We had a promise to make good on to the girls. Since our first day there was lost due to the flight
out snafu we had lost the chance at going to the McDonalds with the biggest play area. So we drove
down to it minus my mom who got picked up by my pop and went out for steaks. Oh, how I envied
them that!

For anyone who is brave enough to tell their kids about it, it is on the same road as the Pirates
Adventure Dinner place. We had standard McDonalds food, but I must mention that they have a
wide variety of dishes including pasta and other meals with more substance. We ate quickly and
headed upstairs for the games!

The girls changed in their tickets including a jackpot that I won on one of those tornado lights
games and picked up some standard little plastic trinkets. Roxy grabbed ice cream for them and we
rolled out for the resort. The drive back was uneventful and we actually still made it back around
8pm. We did showers and headed to bed.

Tomorrow we do more SeaWorld and the printer situation comes back to haunt us