The Pets Ahoy! show is pretty self-explanatory. Lots of animals running around performing tasks
and stunts with a story of the courtship between two dogs tying it together.

The jump rope stunt was cool

The obligatory feisty Jack Russel

The lovebirds

A stylin' finale

Then the girls got to pet some of the "actors" :D

It was a cute show with a good bit of humor in it. When we exited we luckily came out into a
covered area. It was POURING rain ...a complete torrential downpour. We had brought good
rain gear so we got it out and decided to make a break for it instead of just huddling with the rest
of the crowd.

The girls wanted to take in the pearl diving, but the heavy rain had delayed the show. It was
coming down so quick the gutters and drains were backing up, creating pools here and there.
We rolled over to Voyagers restaurant until it abated. When it slacked off I went out and heard
the oyster divers were about to go in so I went and got the rest of the fam.

So the the girls, Roxy, and I go down next to the oyster diving tank and here they came! Two
GUYS!   Now I'm thinking to myself where are the cute girls in bikinis swimming around with the
long flowing hair and all that??? Sigh. Well here's a couple of shots for the ladies in the audience :D

Roxy and the girls had them get pearls for them and had them mounted with their birthstones.
While they were doing that I took Nana up to the Clyde and Seymour show, which was
going to start in about 20 minutes. It had started drizzling again so it was good to find a place
out of the weather.