After a bit the ladies showed up and Bean and Pumpkin Girl convinced Roxy to sit down in the
'splash zone' ...also meaning that they sat out in the drizzle.

Luckily the rain slacked off just before show time. Now Clyde and Seymour and Shamu are the
only two things that I have memories of from our big trip to SeaWorld San Diego when I was seven,
so I was looking forward to this.

And away we go!

The set was pretty cool

An otter drops anchor!

Our poor marooned souls

Where'd he go???

It was about right here that things started to go wrong. Apparently the sea lions weren't much in
the mood to hit their queues, which lead to some hilarious interactions with the cast members

The salute was cute :D

The pirate captain wants help finding the treasure map!

Clyde (I think) skids to a halt to show the shipwrecked guy where the map might be

Now I don't know if this is part of the show or not, but the hand reaching out is supposed to be his
....except the owner of the hand forgot to pull up his BLUE sleeve - lolol

Map ahoy!

The captain tries to "retrieve" the map

The map is dangled before the captain


Go get her Seymour

Who's gonna do mouth to mouth? This entire scene was hilarious with little planned mis-cues

Treasure found!

Huzzah! The good guys have the treasure!

And the big finale!

Next we split up and then have dinner with Shamu :D