After the show we talked to Roxy and she wanted to take the girls over to the Sea Lion habitat. It
was starting to get close to our reservation time at The Cove Restaurant to dine with Shamu so
Nana and I decided to head straight there. here are some pics that PumpkinGirl took at the habitat:

They caught back up with us just as they were opening the gates. They gave us special ID tags and
took our picture with the pool in the background.

This was our table - right at the mid-point of the pool :D

The trainers hung back and just sent the whales around (there were 2 of them) while we got our
food. The dinner spread was buffet style and was very good. And the desserts were FANTASTIC!
My fave was a cherry-chocolate cake - yum! Shamu kept us entertained while we ate

They made some big splashes

And got very up close and personal with us

Then the trainers started their presentation, talking about how they get trained and how they train
the whales.

She sent Shamu around to wave at us

It turns out that one of their favorite things is to have their tails sprayed with a high pressure hose.

Then Shamu came around to really say "hi"

While that was happening several of the trainers came around and singed autographs and took

Now with dinner and that cool interaction under our belts it was time to go watch Believe!