Then it was off to Believe! The girls again wanted the splash zone, so Roxy went down there while
Nana, my camera and I parked up in the wheelchair-accessible tier.

Hey, doesn't she look familiar?

The show of course opened with several big splashes!

The screen system they have is pretty impressive

More random splashes

It amazes me how close the trainers get to them when they jump!

Up, Up, and away!

Once around the park :D

Big Hugs!!!


They sure can hold their breath well

Very cute :-]

High Five to Bean!

And to PumpkinGirl!

More pretty jumps

Shamu says "hi" to the crowd

He's got good balance!

Very good balance!

They go under and come up for the last big jump!

This is one my Kyra took - isn't it a great shot?!?

It was a really good show and a perfect way to end our evening there (or so I thought). We made
our way out of the arena and followed the crowd back towards the entrance. Bean made a quick
pit stop along the way to say 'hi' to some ducks

We just missed the fountain display out in the lagoon, but it was still very pretty.

The tower looked pretty cool too

We almost made it out, but ended up spending about 45 minutes going through a couple of
gift shops. We picked up some cool stuff for ourselves and for friends. Bean was picking up
snow globes for her friends and Pumpkin was getting jewelry for hers. It was scary how much
we spent there - lol Of course we still could't afford gems like this one ...price tag of $10,000+

We again pretty much closed the park, keeping with our theme. I took a couple of shots
of the little "harbor" on the way out

We drove back to the resort and did the standard collapse into chairs/couches and talked
with my parents for a while about our day. We sent the girls off to showers and Roxy and I
rolled back out to make a "quick trip" to switch out the printer we had picked up the day
before (forgot to put that in Day 5). I had procrastinated setting up the printer and it
turned out it was a dud, on top of being more expensive than we had intended to pay for
one :P

We got to Wal-Mart and were given the run-around and were eventually told that customer
service was closed for the night and we'd have to come back tomorrow. That wasn't an
option as some reports had to be printed that night so we kept going from person to person
until we got a supervisor and pleaded our case to her. She finally relented and let us
exchange it.

By the time we got back it was very late and once I got everything set up Roxy had to stay
up even later to print the reports. It was an exhausting and frustrating end to the day.

Tomorrow brings us back to "The World" ....but where will we go??? And what calamities
are in store for us?????