Day 7 Part 1 - Oopses, Characters, and Getting Ready to Blast Off

Monday dawns with fog hovering around our humble abode. We get together over breakfast in the
kitchen/living room and discuss the coming day. I was feeling a little under the weather and I think the
pace of the trip was starting to catch up with us.

Roxy has not finished the work she needed to do in regards to payroll so we agree that we will all go
and then she will leave after lunch to finish up. She should be back easily before dinner.

Pop and my mom stayed behind and to pick up my sister Maria from the airport (she was flying in
from Atlanta that morning). The rest of us hit the road and made good time in light traffic and parked
right up front. The fog had cleared and it was looking to be a sunny, if cool morning.

We unpacked everyone and everything

…and rolled in towards the entrance

Here’s where things started to go a bit haywire. We were there in plenty of time before rope drop
and the lines at the turnstiles were just starting to form. The girls had to use the bathroom, so we
took care of that. But then Roxy started digging in her purse and “oh NO!!!” ….no tickets :0

We had put them in the room safe over the weekend since we were going to be at SeaWorld and
neither of us remembered them when we were getting ready to go. Bean wanted to tag along, so
her and I jumped in the van and rolled out for the resort. I decided to be “mr know it all” and didn’t
use the GPS, so we ended up getting back on I-4 using the wrong onramp and took a quick detour
to the SeaWorld exit. I guess Shamu missed us :D

I got us turned around and we made it back, got the tickets and some more mad money from the
safe, and were back out the door in record time!

And then I …you guessed it, jumped back on the freeway going the wrong way AGAIN and we
had to take a tour of the SeaWorld turnoff. I guess Shamu REALLY missed us – lol. So around
we went again and finally made it back on property and over to EPCOT. The one saving grace
was that they had just opened up another section of parking so we again got a really good spot.

Bean and I came running in and we walked through the gates just shy of an hour later than we
originally got there. I took a pic of the fam

And then a nice lady took a shot of all of us

I took the obligatory “interesting angled shot with sky and Spaceship Earth”

And then we headed on up the walkway to the character greetings. I’ve finally got my Photopass
CD back, so here’s what we got from the wonderful Disney photographers:

After we finished up our little photo parade we came out and made a beeline to Mission: Space.
It was still early enough and a Monday that crowds were light.

Standby was only 10 minutes so we strolled on in. We got a call from my mom saying that they
were almost to Epcot with my sister. So Roxy, the girls and I went orange while Nana did the green
side (no extreme g-forces on that side). I got some decent shots as we strolled up to where the line

Ye ole space suit

And the girls and I waiting for something to happen

The ride was quite interesting and pretty intense (I was afraid to keep my camera out). They did a
really good job of taking something that was originally designed for training pilots and astronauts
and turning it into a surreal ride experience. I came off it trying to get my balance and brain back to
the idea of proper gravity ...hehehe.

We headed outside after scoping out the gift shop. I moved forward between the pavilions and set
up a surprise welcome for my sis :D

Here they come!

I got a quick hug and then the girls ran up.

And finally back over to the rest of the family.

We talked about it and decided to play the odds and ride Mission: Space again. Maria was stolen
away by the girls and Roxy and I rode again with my mom (Nana went to the control center).
Coming off the second time I was REALLY wobbly!

Next up we go from outer space to under the sea :D