Day 7 Part 2 - Eating with the Fishies, Exploring The Land, and Back to The Sea!

While I was recovering I realized that our Coral Reef ADRs were coming up. I sent the fam on their
way after collecting everyone's tickets and getting FPs for Test Track. I caught back up and we
made our way down to the seas and after some scouting found the door to Coral Reef.

We were right on time and had to wait about 5 minutes before being seated. We were in the first
big booth on the level right across from the water and as we were being seated we had some
friends join us :D

After they left our drinks came ...Roxy got one of the cool glowing ones

And here's my ladies

I was surrounded - LOL

I tried to take some pics of the sea life but they didn't turn out very well

Bean snuggled in with her favorite aunt

The overall atmosphere was great and the food was good for the most part. But there was something
up with the vinaigrette on my sister and Bean's salad. she wasn't very hungry in general. We finished
up and snagged the cool glowing ice cubes from Roxy's drink and headed back out. I snapped this
shot of the entryway on our way out.

By the time we were done it was getting close to time for TT, so after some discussion I decided to
stay with the moms and go to the Land Pavilion while Roxy, Maria, and the girls went to take a ride.

...while I got FPs for Soarin' and the moms and I took a more serene journey through Living With
the Land.

We met back up with our TT riders outside The Seas since the girls wanted some more time in
there and we had a couple of hrs to kill before Soarin’. Here they are posing with Nemo and Friends

We went inside and got on The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

We went straight from there to Turtle Talk with Crush. If you are in a group with a person in a
wheelchair they actually take you to a different entrance and we had to wait a few minutes there.
While standing there I couldn’t help but notice the very cool lighting fixtures they had and had to
snap a pic (well a few pics, but I’ll only post two – lol)

And then it was in to say hello to Crush :D

This time I had my lighting settings right and was able to snap some pics without flash. You can just
see the girls up front (pink Minnie ears and Goofy spotted bandana):

Our Pumpkin Girl was spotted yet again for her cool bandana and got to talk to Crush – Whoohoo!

Dory came in and said hello to Mr. Whale

We made our way out and got a couple of shots with the sharks. I think Bean was still a wee bit
jealous of big sis because of getting to talk to Crush ;-]

Roxy joined in on the fun

I still may photoshop that kid out of the frame on these two shots – lol

And then me with the hammerhead to finish the tour in there