Day 7 Part 4 – Fishies, Sickies, and The Sky Comes Alive!

We move on to some of the aquarium displays and among others, watch the really “Live” version
of the Nemo cast

We then headed upstairs and happened to be there just before the dolphin show started. And you
guessed it, our girls were chosen again!

After the show ended we wandered the Seas for a bit more, then moved back to The Land
Pavilion as it was getting close to our Soarin’ FP timeframe. We looked around a bit and then
headed downstairs and did Soarin’. It was only a few minute wait and we got front row – yippee!
The moms hadn’t rode it before and were pretty blown away by it …oh, and the rest of us enjoyed
it too ;-]

After the ride Roxy had to leave to take care of the payroll stuff that she hadn’t been able to finish
the night before. I borrowed her ticket long enough to get more FPs for Soarin’ and then we said
our goodbyes to her. Both moms were feeling a little tired and I was suffering from either allergies
or a cold that had been slowly progressing to the point where it was hard for me to talk without

We were all a bit ragged and getting hungry so decided to go ahead and grab an early dinner at
Sunshine Seasons. I don’t remember what any of us had because I wasn’t feeling all that good and
Bean started feeling worse and worse. She had a headache and after picking at her food had a
stomach ache too. After I got her to eat a little I gave her some children’s Tylenol hoping to at least
kill off the headache.

We finished dinner and saw there was no line for Living With the Land (which the girls hadn’t been
on yet) so jumped back on it. Bean half watched it and half snuggled into me for the ride. We finished
that and went upstairs for the Circle of Life movie. By that time I was carrying Bean and she just sat
on my lap snuggled into my shoulder for the show.

When it was over Bean was looking pale and needed to go to the bathroom. I walked her down to
do the standard “dad stands outside the bathroom” bit when she looked up at me and said she needed
to throw up. I sent her in and immediately called Maria, who was standing up near the entrance to
the pavilion with the moms.  Mucho thanks sis for being there for her! >:D<

She came down quickly and went in to be with Bean. She ended up having to go back into the
bathroom two more times with her to throw up. In between we just had her lay on one of the benches
near the entrance. I called Roxy and asked where she was and she said she had just gotten back in the
park so I asked her to get a double stroller for Bean. I made a huge mistake and told her not to hurry.

Here’s where my ability to think completely turned off. Everyone had been looking to me for what
we were doing and where we were going and between me feeling sick and being on cold meds and
dealing with a sick kid I just didn’t have it in me to do anything for the rest of the fam :-[

I should have told them to go check out another pavilion or something, but instead they all ended up
stuck sitting there wanting to help but not really being able to do much.  I kept waiting for Roxy to
show up with the stroller and finally called her back. Since I hadn’t told her that we were all basically
waiting for her she thought that she had lots of time and had actually been shopping for stuff for the
girls so we wouldn't get stuck doing it at the end of the evening like we had on other days.

I was a bit bent out of shape and told her she needed to get here as soon as she could. Roxy showed
up a few minutes later and we got Bean loaded up into the stroller padded with a couple of coats. By
then she was completely out.

It was too late to really do anything in World Showcase as it was fast approaching time for Illuminations.
Nana wasn’t up for anymore that day so it was decided that Roxy and Nana would go back to the van
and get Bean comfortable and they would watch the fireworks from the parking lot.

So Kyra, my mom, my sister and I all made our way to the lagoon. I caught this shot on the way
up there:

There was just enough space in one of the handicapped spots at the Showcase Plaza for my mom,
so I sent her in there with Pumpkin Girl who sat on her lap. Maria and I found a decent spot next
to one of the docks and waited for the show to begin. I took a pic of the castle across the way while
we waited

The crowds of course got thicker and thicker but I was able to hold on to my spot. Finally the show
began (I was glad because it was getting a bit cold and I had given up my jacket to make Bean
comfortable in the stroller). So without further drama or ado, here’s my shots from Illuminations!

That first one was one of several I took by the dock but the overhang was blocking part of the sky
so I moved over to the left to a big tree planter (so there was nobody directly behind me) and just
stuck my camera above people’s heads using my monopod

We followed the mass of people and made our way out as quickly as we could. I caught a couple
of quick shots of SE on the way out.

We called my pop when the show finished and he was there by the time we got out and took my
mom and sis back to the resort. Kyra and I loaded up with Roxy, Nana, and Bean and we headed
back and put Bean straight to bed. We all pretty much did the same. Oh and yes, I did apologize
to Roxy about snapping at her/being mad about her not getting there quickly after I told her not to
hurry ;-]

Tomorrow! Can we turn things around and but the ickies behind us? Where should we go – Maria
knows, do you? Check in next time on our continuing adventures through the land that Walt made :D