Day 8 Part 1 - Waking Up With The Animals

Well after the turmoil of the day before we actually woke up reasonably refreshed. I snuck a quick
shot of Kyra and Nana just starting to stir.

I was feeling better already from my cold, the moms were doing better, and most importantly Bean
was up and was pretty energetic. Our destination today was Disney's Animal Kingdom specifically
because Maria hadn't been there before. Of course none of us had either so score for us too!

We got ourselves together and had a quick breakfast at the resort before rolling out the door. It was
going to be another day with me surrounded by the ladies with pop dropping off my mom and sis.
We rolled through the entrance just before the 9am

I was happy to make it to a Disney park before rope drop.  Right as we rolled into the parking lot
we had a bathroom emergency with Gillian so Roxy and her jumped out and ran for the restroom
while I parked and the rest of us parked and unpacked our stuff for the day.

Just as they got to the entrance plaza the characters came out and Bean decided to postpone the
bathroom long enough to say "hi" to them while Roxy snapped a couple of pics with her cell phone.
By the time we got there lines were forming up at the characters so we queued through them.

Rafiki was cool

Good Ole Flick

The moving/talking palm tree made an appearance

Timon was funny

And Baloo was a real kick :D

Finally we were through the gates...

...and headed straight for the stroller rental station. We had told the girls we would cart them around
today to keep them from getting any more drained. It was cute seeing them both shoe-horn into a
double stroller :D

We rolled down towards the Tree of life

And then made a quick pit stop at the big gift shop on the corner. I had forgotten my jacket that
morning and since it was a bit on the cold side I took the opportunity to finally ...after 8 days
...actually buy something - lol. I picked up a cool dark blue hooded zip-up sweatshirt with a small
Mickey laying on a 1971 logo on the front left side and a larger Walt Disney World logo with
Mickey on the back. I've been sporting it ever since - hehehe.

I picked up an event schedule and Finding Nemo was going to start soon so we rolled in there and
most of the fam got good seats towards the front, just to the right of the stage. Myself and my mom
were up at the top of the theater so she could stay in her scooter.

Next up, Finding Nemo Live On Stage!