Day 8 Part 3 - Dinos, Lunch, and Once Around the Park!

We left Nemo and headed right around the bend to

We rode the Primeval Whirl 2 times, which was one of the high points of Nana's trip - she laughed
out loud on it both times! I ran over to Dinosaur to get FPs while the rest of the fam spent some time
on the midway. On my way over I caught a shot of our old pal Goofy

I came back and we all did a little more midway stuff. We won a small stuffed animal for each of
the girls and Kyra continued her pin buying frenzy :D From there we headed to Dinosaur because
our FP time was already available. The moms smartly decided not to go on the ride due to all the
jolting movements on it, so Roxy and Bean went through with their FPs while I caught a quick shot
of the rest of the ladies out front.

We were getting hungry so we headed out through the bone archway

and on to a place that I had been really looking forward to eating at - the Flame Tree BBQ!! A
friend on the Disney forums I am a member of highly recommended it and my mouth had been
watering over it for months :D  It lived up to its reputation and was a wonderful meal ...everybody
loved it including the girls.

I finished up early and still had everyone's tickets so I hoofed it around the lagoon to pick up FPs for
Expedition Everest. On the way I snapped a couple of shots - ha-ha

The lagoon

A few Expedition Everest shots

More lagoon

The monkey temple

and the alters/shrines

We all gathered back together and caught some street performers (sorry, I didn't catch their
names but they were good).

We strolled back towards Everest and Roxy insisted on taking a pic of me pulling the cart ...too
bad the thing was bolted down - made me look a bit silly. But then again that may have just been
the tie-dye and Mickey ears :D

And here's the same shot from Maria's perspective :D

Then she took a shot of me with the rest of the ladies - Maria was having sunglasses issues

It being after lunch we of course had to take a quick potty break. Here's a random shot of an upper
terrace above the bathrooms. The Imagineers really did some good attention to detail at this park.

Then it was on to Expedition Everest - whoohoo!