Day 8 Part 4 - On To Everest!

We got there and my mom decided to give it a try, but Nana was done with thrill rides for the day
so sat it out. The FP lane took us all the way up to the final room before the boarding area. I took
a few quick shots as we strolled in.

Bean was really excited about this one

We loaded up with Roxy and my mom in front, Bean and I in the next car, and Pumpkin Girl and
Sis behind us. I got a quick shot of Roxy and mom just before we rolled out

I had watched the ride and decided I could chance getting some ride shots with my canon.

Up the first set of hills

Into the mountain temple

The mountain peak looms above us

And what a VIEW! Resort on the left and you can just make out the Tower of Terror on the right! :D

Ye ole Tree of Life

Into the tunnel

And Oh NOOO! What happened to the tracks!

The monster is behind us!

And here we are captured for posterity. First Roxy and my mom with Bean and I, with me clutching
my dear camera ;D

And then Maria and Kyra in the front of the next car

The ride was a blast and standby was only 15 minutes so we
went right back around - w00t!

They were in a hurry to get back in

But soon enough I caught back up to them and was able to catch this shot of my ladies :-]

Glad I don't have to do the dishes

He's doing the Wolly Bully

Scarecrow Tibetan style

That gear be toast!

Bunch o funky masks

More fun stuff

Looks like some nasty athlete's foot

Sis snagged a shot of me getting a shot of her

And here's what she got of me :D

Fellow expeditioners depart

Now this time I'd gotten the lay of the land so I was ready to get some really interesting shots :D
The clouds were perfect to give it that high mountain feel.

Coming up

Back we go!

Here's where the photo geek in me kicks in. The last time through I got a feel for the distance things
were going to be away from my camera and the amount of light and set things to manual with fingers
crossed. First, some better silhouette captures:

And here is The Big Tamale! SPOILER WARNING - YETI REVEALED! If you don't want to
know what this furry guy really looks like scroll quickly past ;-]

Cute, ain't he?  We exited the ride and survived the gift shop with only one purchase of a pin by Kyra.