Day 8 Part 5 - Skip the Parade and On to the Safari!

We got ourselves together and strolled back the way we came and after a quick stop for ice
cream, made out way to the parade route. They had most of the ropes up already and we had
a quick discussion about it and decided that instead of watching the parade we'd hit the
Kilimanjaro Safaris to avoid lines. We hi-tailed it down there with me stopping quickly for
one more pic of the Tree

We got there and were taken up to the wheelchair-accessible loading area and after several busses
went by one finally pulled up for us. We loaded up and off we went!

First stop, and anti-social rhino



More hippos

Some crocs I wouldn't want anywhere near my feet

A funky tree


Which way???

These guys were either bashful or lazy

And a little bit of everything

It is cool that they set up the feeding for these guys near the roads so we can get a good look at them

The horns on these guys were HUGE!!!

And elephant says "hi" while we cross the shaky bridge

More funky trees

And some purdy flamingos

I believe these were ostrich eggs

Cats lounging

a Black Rhino ignoring us

Followed by the Queen and King of the jungle

sings "When I was a young warthog!"

Protector of the eggs

And a very special treat with an up close encounter with a baby rhino - whoohoo!

Mama rhino was following close behind baby

The poacher's camp - boooooo!

A wee waterfall

Some bubbling water features

That was about it. We rolled back in and got ourselves together. On the trail back towards the
main walkway I snapped a shot of what I think is a dissected termite mound

Next up we come around the corner to be greeted by a barrier and a nice suprise!